Confortable Home with Garden

Home sweet home. Every home owner must dream about a comfortable atmosphere at home, and one of ways to make it is building a garden house. As we all know that a lot of home properties carry natural theme by presenting the garden in front of or back of their house settlement.

Garden concept is implemented by many housing properties as a solution to the dream of home nature in case of being tired of living in the crowded metropolis, chaotic, and bad polluted city. Surely the presence of a garden in a house has become a necessity.

Home garden may be different functions for each individual. But generally, it is purposely to provide shade and coolness of the atmosphere surrounding the home. Home garden also present pride of the house owner. Most communities use the garden as a place of personal refreshing, and some use it as a medium to plant vegetables and fruits. Additionally garden can be place for children to play or to settle the pets. Home garden also show personal expression, existence and pride.

This what you need to consider in making the home garden:

* If there is a toddler, then do not grow plants or flowers are sticky and thorny.
* Take advantage of the garden as a hobby and; gardening, farming, keeping fish and pets, and so on.

Home garden is a good place to think and self-refresh, then creating a home garden can help the home settler to find inspiration and tranquility after work. This post about gardening is re-composed from taman rumah


Consider before Buying Carpet

Carpet can be found in almost every house. As one of the elements of soft furnishing in the interior space, carpet is not only to make room looks beautiful, but also able to warm atmosphere of the house. Carpet is made from soft materials. It can create a very comfortable space to sleep and watch television with family in relaxing floor.
In some countries, especially the Middle East, even considers a carpet into the interior of the main elements. There, a carpet can be a benchmark in terms of main themes and color before the curtains and other furniture purchased.
Although a variety of carpets from different countries has been sold in the market, up to now Turkish carpets is still decided as the most searched carpet by persons. However not all carpets which are made in Turkey have the same quality. Hereke silk carpets are famous as the high quality soft and ethereal carpet.
When we want to buy a carpet for our house, there are a few things to note before deciding to buy it. Some of them are:

1. Take a look at the carpet knot
The more knot per square inch, the finer the work. This of course requires more time and experience to make a small knot for that carpet.

2. See the carpet material
The material of carpet can be made of wool, silk, or a combination of cartoons. The fine and smooth carpets are made from fine quality natural material while the less ones are made from synthetic materials.

3. Note the color
Dyes from plants can be used for carpet. Such natural dyes will give high quality in color. The colur from natural dyes is believed to be stand over 200 to 300 years. Incredible....

Knowing more details about the carpet will help determining the quality of the carpet. By doing so, the sitting room will make us more comfortable, beautiful and luxurious.