Making Wall Decorated

Home decorating takes a great role in adding the value of the home. Making the house as home sweet home can be in various ways and decorating the wall is one of them. Wall decorating will consider the view space of the room.
Wall has primary function to guard and separate the space. Additionally wall can create certain atmosphere if it is decorated correctly.
Wall murals are usually known as large painting on the wall. The function is, of course, giving special effect of the view. Children's room for example, can look more attractive if we apply the the room wall decor with murals . They can raise the children's character and help them to strengthen their imagination.
Wall Murals also can be applied to a special room, for example room for art collection or simply they can be use to decorate the extensive living room. Displaying this big painting with soft colors can be very artistic. Moreover, adjusting the painting with the character of the room will bring an extensive beautiful view.


UNDER EXAMINATION Goes to NOT FREE; co.cc domain case

I have posted my previous trouble with free co.cc domain several time and unfortunately I did not get any solution of that co.cc under examination domain. That note "your domain is under examination" seems like unaccessible to force me leave that domain and I did. I moved my blog to another domain name. Several days and that note's "your domain is under examination" remaining was really annoying, the worst, I did not get any explanation from co.cc
Today, When I try to check the availability of that domain. Hem it is available, mean no one registered but to my surprise that domain name is not free any more. It is in charge 3$ a year. He..heh... so I think I know why co.cc gave under examination to my domain name last time. it seems my domain name was unique, good, interesting and possibly to sell, not free. My question is why co.cc did not do that since I registered for the firs time? Any one have the same experience with co.cc domain under examination?


Confortable Home with Garden

Home sweet home. Every home owner must dream about a comfortable atmosphere at home, and one of ways to make it is building a garden house. As we all know that a lot of home properties carry natural theme by presenting the garden in front of or back of their house settlement.

Garden concept is implemented by many housing properties as a solution to the dream of home nature in case of being tired of living in the crowded metropolis, chaotic, and bad polluted city. Surely the presence of a garden in a house has become a necessity.

Home garden may be different functions for each individual. But generally, it is purposely to provide shade and coolness of the atmosphere surrounding the home. Home garden also present pride of the house owner. Most communities use the garden as a place of personal refreshing, and some use it as a medium to plant vegetables and fruits. Additionally garden can be place for children to play or to settle the pets. Home garden also show personal expression, existence and pride.

This what you need to consider in making the home garden:

* If there is a toddler, then do not grow plants or flowers are sticky and thorny.
* Take advantage of the garden as a hobby and; gardening, farming, keeping fish and pets, and so on.

Home garden is a good place to think and self-refresh, then creating a home garden can help the home settler to find inspiration and tranquility after work. This post about gardening is re-composed from taman rumah


Consider before Buying Carpet

Carpet can be found in almost every house. As one of the elements of soft furnishing in the interior space, carpet is not only to make room looks beautiful, but also able to warm atmosphere of the house. Carpet is made from soft materials. It can create a very comfortable space to sleep and watch television with family in relaxing floor.
In some countries, especially the Middle East, even considers a carpet into the interior of the main elements. There, a carpet can be a benchmark in terms of main themes and color before the curtains and other furniture purchased.
Although a variety of carpets from different countries has been sold in the market, up to now Turkish carpets is still decided as the most searched carpet by persons. However not all carpets which are made in Turkey have the same quality. Hereke silk carpets are famous as the high quality soft and ethereal carpet.
When we want to buy a carpet for our house, there are a few things to note before deciding to buy it. Some of them are:

1. Take a look at the carpet knot
The more knot per square inch, the finer the work. This of course requires more time and experience to make a small knot for that carpet.

2. See the carpet material
The material of carpet can be made of wool, silk, or a combination of cartoons. The fine and smooth carpets are made from fine quality natural material while the less ones are made from synthetic materials.

3. Note the color
Dyes from plants can be used for carpet. Such natural dyes will give high quality in color. The colur from natural dyes is believed to be stand over 200 to 300 years. Incredible....

Knowing more details about the carpet will help determining the quality of the carpet. By doing so, the sitting room will make us more comfortable, beautiful and luxurious.


What is DNS?

DNS. as widely blogger know, stands for Domain Name Servers. A domain name is what appears in the address line of an Internet page of site or blog. It is the actual address of the homepage of the site which we visit. For example, while you are visiting this blog, it appear in the address line as www.unblocker.name Unblocker is a domain name which I use for this blog. while the dot name is the TLD of the domain. Domain name is very important for the success of any site or blog. The domain name should represent to all the blog or site contents. Domain name is the first key word of the site or the blog
Domain name is not it is for the site or blog. The actual name of the site or blog is number. This number is widely called as IP Address. Remembering the number for about 32 bit number is difficulty and to make easily remember that number is converted int the word of domain name.
When we browse any website then in the address line comes a words instead of the number of the IP Address of the website. The change from the numbers into the desired name of the website is the responsibility of the Domain Name Server


Famous Oriental Rug Origins

Let’s have some knowledge about the most commonly Oriental Rugs. Oriental rugs are available in different form such as modern and antique. The antique rugs will be a great addition to a room with some antique furniture. It has to be noted that many countries manufacture oriental rugs based on their traditional designs. We can easily identify the origin of the Oriental rug by seeing its design. Now let’s see the 4 common types of oriental rugs in use today

Persian Rugs
Many people think that the term oriental rugs means “Persian rug” because, the Persian rugs are very common and are easier to identify. The Persian rugs are well known for its durability. Moreover, these Persian rugs will be much beautiful than the rugs produced in any other parts of the world. Most of the Persian rugs will have catchy floral patterns which can be easily identified.
Justify Full
Indian Rugs
Indian oriental rugs are very popular next to the Persian ones. Most of the oriental rugs sold in the western countries are said to have originated from India. The Indian rugs are handmade and hence will have the highest durability. The noticeable feature of the Indian rug is the very cheap pricing. These oriental rugs can be identified with the great Indian cultural designs.

Tibet Rugs
The Tibet rugs are the most costly rugs. However, these rugs are valuable investments that can increase your home’s value. It has to be noted that creation of one Tibet rug takes approximately 3500 working hours. Hence all the rugs from Tibet are woven with care. The Tibet rugs can be easily identified with the rustic patterns.

Turkey Rugs
With the first World War destroying the Turkish rug industry the Turkish rugs are hard to find today and hence are highly priced. The industry has slowly started to regain its shape through the recent years. These rugs can be identified with the great traditional Turkish designs with rich colours.


Who will be the Next American Idol?

Fans of American Idol are waiting with deep breath to see if Adam Lambert or Kris Allen will take home title of IDOL in this most famous TV talent show.

American Idol contest began as summer 2002 on the talent TV show, but it quickly has appeared into a cultural phenomenon of ten million viewers. The ratings have sagged around 7 percent this season but it is still the nation's top-rated TV show with around 26 million viewers.

The Idol event has a long list of stars from the winners and losers. It includes singer Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry and Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson.

Garden Makeover

Beautiful garden is seem to be beautiful house. Then, garden makeover is needed for a variety of reasons. These include changes in soil or land conditions, seasonal changes, lifestyle changes and even only a preference change of mind. Whatever the reason, easy tips for Garden Makeover will help gardener do the job to a high standard and with a short time. Now think, before getting garden makeover!

Before buying plants
Plants and flower can be very expensive and it is important to avoid them dry out and die suddenly. Therefore, it is always best to plan the garden according to our preferences such as color, seasonality and the quality of the seeds of the plant before we buy. It is that make research before buying the plant and flower.

Thinking in the container
Often, we only need to plant the existing garden to see the new containers in a different light. Think fun, stylish and stunning gown, container to the other common-looking plants. We may think that this is a garden makeover as a change of clothes with the right accessories.
Speaking of accessories, the right statue, chairs and tables, jewelry boxes and even roof gardens can beautify the garden. Finding inspiration from the architecture of the house because we want to view the structure of the garden fitted to the house.

Creating the illusion
Entitled to a garden fantasies of life, so think of the garden as the Garden of Eden which we can play with. Creating an illusion of a larger room with adjoining flower jewelry jewelry flower patch, or making the illusion of the supernatural with the twinkling lights on the tree will fix our mind if seeing them. Our imagination is the only border in the Park Makeover.

Patronizing Local plants
If we want to save money in a garden makeover, one of the best ways to do this is to buy seeds from a local. We should have more competitive prices and fresh stock, which will be very useful effective. It is also beneficial to try finding native plants. They are not only able to participate in the local park, but also save costs because the plant can be adapted into the new environment. The principle think is More adjustment will be less maintenance and less cost.


China Blocks Porn Sites

It was said that the Chinese government has blocked the 41 Internet network because the networks contain pornographic material. This act is as part of the effort for a month to clean up the Internet channel in the country.

Show off and distribution of pornography material to the public is a violation in that density people country. China promised to continue to reveal, punish or even close the network that refused to fix the error of showing and distributing the porn material.

So far there are 19 Internet services in China, including search engines Google and Baidu, have sent an apology online for slowly clear and delete the contents of porn in their pages.

Special Browser Austic Child

A grandfather was successfully created a special web browser for the autism. Hence, the autistic children can be more comfortable exploring the virtual world. The grandfather was named John LeSieur and found the inspiration to create a special web browser from his autistic grandchild. He found that his grandchild- Zackary (6 years) - was difficult in using the regular web browser to access the Internet. The child was frustrated and often throw the computer mouse.

As a grandfather, LeSieur felt in life to help the beloved grandson. Then, he tried to find online tools which could guide the autism t explore the virtual world, but no one was satisfying him.

Finally, LeSieur decided to create a special web browser that more than simple web browser in general. The Web browsers is called Zac Browser For Autistic Children.This Software is closing a number of sites that are inappropriate for children's consumption. It is designed to block improper content such as violence, sex and other adult content. Additionally, the web browser also has bigger icon pictures and negate a number of features which can possibly confuse the autistic children, such as print screen and right click key. This browser can be downloaded for free at www.zacbrowser.com


Second Adsense Payment in Hand

To day, I get to go to Western Union Agent in Post Office. My attention is to withdraw the Adsense payment. It is my second time to receive the Adsense.
In payment history, I saw the link to "payment in progress" two days ago. Last night I sow it has change to "payment issued". It meas that I can withdraw it today. Thank Adsense, I like it.


Waiting for Second Adsense Payment

Since Adsense allowed for Indonesian publisher to receive payment by Western Union, I my self have got additional spirit to keep monetizing blog. By western Union, publisher will save time and cost in withdrawing the payment.
When I got the first payment last February, I had been trying to make effort how to get the Adsense payment monthly. I had tried to maximize the adsense earning. However it doesn't work to reach the $100 threshold monthly. I still need 2 months to reach the threshold. I have use competitive filter but it seems that it does not work well for my blog. I have quite enough traffic but it bring very low paying keyword.
Now my second payment is still in progress and I have to work harder to get monthly payment. hopefully...


The Future House

Dont't you thing that this part of a house is amazing? I can't imagine how well to live inside such house.


Making Home Building Enjoyable

You want to apply a cool place to live and natural for your home. Architecture and building materials can be manage to make that desire.

The world that the climate is not stabilized, in addition to the threat of global warming, it is found in the whole middle part of the world at this time. How do we partake actively in reducing damage in the face of this earth? Among the more prudent in the use of natural resources and energy uses are not excessive.

Main principles that will apply to make our house enjoyable is to keep heat stays outside. By using certain method, it is capable of reducing heat flow, increase circulation, and air exchange, and minimize radiation heat absorbed buildings. By doing so, the expected level of radiation heat in the building will be reduced and there is good air flow so that it can create coolness in all rooms


Penggrong's Privacy Policy

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At penggrong.blogspot.com, the privacy of our visitors is extreme importance. This privacy policy document outlines the types of personal information received and collected by this blog and how it is used.

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If you wish to disable cookies, you may do so through your individual browser options. More detailed information about cookie management with specific web browsers can be found at the browsers' respective websites.

Common Mistake while Doing Home Business

Many people like doing business at home via the internet. However, many people do not know how to start it. Starting a business with less experience surely to have less opportunity too and that is not easy. Doing online business is not overnight success. We can be successful with the business at home if we avoid some common wrong opinion while doing online home business. When I get blog walking to this site, I got valuable headlines to be avoid before doing home business.

Some common mistakes people do in their home business are as follow and that should be avoided for the sake of success:

1. There is no plan & objectives.
Many people do not have plans and objective in running their home business, and this is an expensive mistake which must be paid later. This plan is important for business, and should be clearly stated as the objective achievement we desire to hold. Some people do home business based on love or hobby. Surely do not expect to get results with the hundreds of millions for online home business, if it is only a hobby.
2. Unnecessarily finding Relations.
Business is business. Wherever we do it, we need relation. Business is actually an exchange. We give we receive. In the same way, online home business surely need relation client, partner even competitor. We need others to to run and improve. Build the relationship and we will be closer to success.
3. Think that we can earn much money in short time.
This is a common misconception, that is the reason why some people are not successful and eventually surrendered. We need to implement efforts carefully and thoroughly. We must have dedication to achieve high business success. Remember there is not one overnight success in any business. Success needs time and hard effort.
4. Believing that an online home business does not require any cost.
This is common misconception. If we think that we can be initiated and developed an online home business without any one-dollar-even, this opinion are wrong and misleading ourselves. We must prepare to spend some money to get the resources and develop our business. Despite this varied and depends on the type of business that we are building, you will need some cost for short or long investment, for example, we create or build your website, we need the cost, and we have to pay the internet connection.
5. Lack of focus and not consistent.
Online business we are going to run will need a lot of effort to achieve this success, especially during the first year. We must be ready to spend time and money and be consistent enough which will lead our success through inside our own home.

If we can avoid mistakes like that have been described briefly above, believe in ourselves we will achieve success with our online home business.


Enjoying Staying at Home

Home, beside as a residence also has a variety of functions. One of them, home can be used as place for business. Many factors can be considered at this time why many people who use their home as part of the activities office or place for doing business.

One of the consideration is traffic in the street, which makes travel to the office will takes a long time. In addition, security factor, convenience, and many people began to want to have their own business in home. For a housewife, if they have their own business at home, it will add value, because it can simultaneously manage the household and children.

To make the house as the place for business, it seems all the factors will influence when creating the concept of residential and multiply-function. Besides as a residence, this home also has a special area to be used as offices for the head of household and place of business of the housewife. However, it does not ignore the comfort for the residential home for the family.


What Wrong with Google Pagerank Update 2009?

Pagerank has been updated and my pagerank for this blog disappears. This 2009 seems the best time for Google to update.
I got such disapointing thing before. A month ago the page rank of this blog disappear too and sooner it appeared again.


Downloading Free Software

Hardware and software is inseparable. If we have outstanding hardware such as personal computer, laptop or mobile phone, we need to have good software to support the function of the hardware. If not, that functional hardware will work little.
Recently the development of the software goes rapidly. One is freeware, trialpay or chargeware. The software has develop in to the high degree in quality and quantity. Some site provide thousand software and they can be free. Of course if we choose the freeware, we will only get the basic feature, for additional function and important feature, we need to purchase. The sites such download.com, softpedia and getjar are the most famous site which privide thousand functional and intersting software for our device. Most of them are free.


First Adsense Payment with Western Union

Finally it comes, my first adsense payment. Happy me .......... Almost giving up when failed to receive the first Adsense Check. I did not receive the first check from Adsense. i do not know where the check goes to flow. It does not knock my house door. After waiting more that 2 months, and the check had not come to my hose, I asked to reissue the check.
A month latter, I received an email from Google Adsense support. It said that from this month, Indonesian Adsense publisher can receive the payment through Western Union. And it is good news, today I make it true. It is easy and quick to pick up the payment from Adsense via Western Union. What I have to prepare before picking the payment in Western Union is:
  • Qualified ID Card; such as National Identity Card
  • Sender name
  • Sender country ( the Western Union agent where I pick my payment did not ask the complete address of the sender).
  • MTCN (money transfer control number)
  • Recipient name and address which strictly conform with qualified ID
All detail information can be found in our payment history in Adsense account. Picking the payment in Wu can be done the day after the date of the issuing payment. It really simple, easy and quick.


First Payment from BuyBlogReviews

I have completed my review from the broker of Buyblogreviews for more than one week. I see the payment guide that the payment will be done twice a month.
Because it s the first payment, ant it just for two reviews, I do not expect to much. For me, it is too long to wait. Even I nearly consider that Buyblogreviews is actually a cam. However today it is wrong. I get the payment through Paypal.
According to me Buyblogreviews is one of the well-known as the paid review program which we can get earning quickly and easier. We just need to make any reviews which we have bidded before than we wait for whether the bids are approved or not. It they are approved then we have to complete the soon. And waiting the payment. However what make me unpleasant with this Buyblogreviews is that every review must ended with the logo of buyblogreviews. It does not make our review genuine. It is clearly stated that the reviews is sponsored. And that does not sound good for our continuity of our blog content.


Indonesian Adsense Publisher Receives Western Union Payment

last month, I failed to received my first Adsense check. I have had been waiting for two months and the check did not arrive at my home. because of worrying there was something wrong with the check, I decide to ask reissuing the check. I logged in my account and found that my check was successfully stopped. I felt free but kept worrying how I can clear the check if the check its self was so difficult to reach my home.
Then it was the time, last week I received an email from Adsense Support team. It is stated that from this month Indonesian publisher will have the option of payment with the Western Union. Really it is gread advance of Adsense. It proves that Adsese keep trying to offer the best reward for its publishing partner.
Previously Western Union has been lounched as the Adsense payment for several regions and countries. Publishers from the following regions:
  • China
  • Pakistan
  • Filipina
  • Chili
  • Kolombia
  • Malaysia
  • Romania
  • Argentina
  • Peru
have enjoyed the quick and easy payment method before. And Now is the time for Indonesian publisher to get the quick payment. Really It great news from Adsense.


Stroller for Baby

For parents, baby needs to be cared carefully. That done makes baby comfortable and parents happy. That is the magic and power of the baby. We do best for the baby but we feel glad to do that. When the mother get the pregnancy, we wait for the born of the baby. After the baby is born, then we have to prepare and provide all the baby stuff .
To days, a stroller is the baby stuff which we need to have. Whether we nurse the baby by ourselves or rely on the babysitter, stroller is a helpful stuff. When we bring the baby out, it Will very convenient is we bring the stroller for that baby. There are several types of stroller which are sold in the market. We just need to choose which one is the mos suitable for our baby. Some types of the stroller which are available in market are:
  • Classical stroller; this stroller is suited most for the new born baby which is good for baby seat
  • Portable stroller; as it is portable, this stroller is easy to bring. it can be fold. This stroller is designed for the one-year baby to take walk.
  • Multifunction stroller; it is a stroller which is suitable fro a new born or one-year baby
  • Twin stroller; parents who have twin baby, this type of stroller is the best for them.
What most important, however, is the comfort of the baby when he takes place in that stroller. That is what we think before we go to buy a stroller.


Examine Carefully Before Buying Used Domain

Buying old used domain is lucrative and it is one of the faster way to have online monetizing. Having new domain is really good but making it established really need long time and extra hard afford. That is why some Internet earner cut this long hard way by instantly purchase the established old used domain. Domain flipping has appeared as a new and lucrative business field.

Recently I bought some used domains. Hoping to make good way in online business, I have selected them very carefully. Of course I have to make fair effort with my dollar. Generally Google page rank is the most decisive aspect before buying old domain. Some people want to have o good high page rank quickly, and the easy way is buying the old domain with page rank.

However I have miss something important beside the google page rank. Was the old domain banned by Google Search Engine and Google Adsense? If it was, it is really difficult to make restored. Then our opportunity to make earning with the old domain is very limited. Or even with the banned domain from Google, it is a very little opportunity. In sight seeing, google track record is the easy consideration.

I have the bad experience with the old domain purchase. After succeeding the transaction, the old domain was transferred to me. I configure with the blogspot to hopefully make good niche blog. Of course I want to apply Asense in that blog. Unfortunately, the adsense advertisement can not display in that blog with the old domain purchase. I try to find out why it does not appear. Finally I find the answer: Google adsense has banned the old used domain which I bought. Poor me I did not check it before.

So before buying any used domain, make sure to check the page rank, age, backlink and the banning. To know wheteher the used domain was banned or not by Google Adsense, follow this link. It is always better to look at inside deeply to prevent unwanted thing.