My Adsense...

I have eagerly to reach the limited generating which approaches $100. After waiting for more than 9 months, to days the Adsense has reached it. It makes me happy, really. Although $100 is not so much however this my first achievement in Adsense.
For previous times, I was even afraid to imagine whether I would reach $100 or not. My daily earning from this Adsense moves very slowly. My average earning daily is just less than $1 so it is not wondering to be afraid even to imagine how to catch the $100.
I have made several blog but my Adsense just come from one blog. The others do not have any enough traffic maybe so This generating Adsense earning is only from one blog.


Domain Forged PR 3 Become PR 0

I have been interested at domain investement. Recently I bought several domains. Some of them have unique and potentian name. And some do not sound so nice. The rest has PR 3 but forged. I bought this Mister France domain because it is simply popularly pronounced domain name and had page rank 3 though according a page rank checker is forged
I bought the domain $8 from a local domain flipping sepecializing in forged PR. Hopefully becoming valid page rank, I configurated that domain blogspot as the free hosting.
Unfortunately Google page rank update was really unpredictable on the lasg September. In that time, the blog pages had not been indexed all by Google search engine. For the first time I know that domain had very few back link. However the domain has taken place in the top row as I typed its name domain in the search engine.
According to my previous experience, forged domain can change to valid when it was typed the domain name itself and it appeared in the top pages as result of Google search engine. Howeve that forged domain excludes with theory. I have made it in the top result of search but domain even dropped to the page rank 0. I failed to make it valid but succeeded to drop it. Pity me...


Finding Legal Service

Living in this modern era, we can not avoid legal matter involving in our life. Law and rule are designed to keep this life interaction keep in right track. However many of us do not know well about litigation.
Lawyers are the trained experts who specialize in litigation. They will help us when we are getting involved with legal problem. They will give the best and correct advice for our legal problem. However not all lawyer will suit to our problems. The legal problem may differ from one to another one and not all layer are mastering in all legal problem case. Each problem has specific character and that need specific talented lawyer to pass through the problem successfully. So finding the best and right lawyer is absolutely important.
Life tends to move harder. Living competition seems to rise to extreme level. We never know what happens next. In certain area and situation, we even do not know who is a real friend and who is not. Civil and criminal cases are always around us. We have been very careful in every step but some time thing is going wrong and makes us getting involved with legal problem. To avoid it going worst, it is better to have legal advice accompanying us in every step.


Making Posts with Mobile Phone

Recently, I often make article posts for this blog and my another blog by using mobile phone. I use this way because, using phone is more mobile. I can make posting while I am waiting, watching tv, lying on the bed or drinking coffee.
I have Nokia 6630 and has been installed with Opera Mini 4.1. For me, my phone is forced to explore. Every day it has produced hundreds of word for blogging. My credit is tend to be spent more for accesing data than making call and writing message.
Posting articles for blog with mobile phone was disturbed with limitted feature for editing. Text alignment and making link, for example, are not found in Opera Mini. With this lack such editing feature, blog postings are less perfect.
However, those limitted features can be subtituted by managing HTML. The problem is done and I like more my Nokia 6630


Giving Option for Payment

Managing business today is harder than before. Customer is a king and has power to make bankrupt or development for any business field. The competition among businessmen itself is increasing to extreme level. Who can give customer more satisfied will survive and in the contrary who can not give it will go bankruptcy.
Giving customer the option for payment is one way to make customers become loyal partners. Formerly customers always pay for what they buy by cash. However this single way for payment is not enough for recent buyers. They need easier way to pay. They need varieties of method for paying. Then allowing customers to pay with credit card is the answer.
By using this method, customers will feel flexible to make payment. They do not need to bring cash in their pockets. They just need to bring card in their wallets and that seems to be the trend of people today. To survive in any business, following the trend is absolutely advisable. That is the reason why having credit card processing will increase the sales market.


The Best Unsecured Business Loan

Finding unsecured funding is not easy. Most funding institution will ask some thing like the collateral to be in trust with us. How if we do not have any property or certificate that can be delivered as collateral while we are in urgent need of that loan?
Do not worry, jut sit in front of your computer  and brows to find the best unsecured Business Loans program which are offered in our suitable condition. Internet provides  much information of loan programs. However some of them is not good or not suited with our condition. So careful analysis of the loan program is very important.
Before applying the Business Loan, make sure that it has easy process. Complicated process is making us mad. Beside that, make sure that the financial institution will fund quickly after the application process is done. We do not want to wait longer. We apply the loan because we urgently need it. Additionally, make sure that it will give the satisfying service. Those three things we have think first before we apply.


Keeping Business Service Satisfying

Managing business, whatever business field we have, must provide the best service to make our customers more satisfied. Giving the easiest option for payment is advisable. Customer is the king. If we are able to give customers the best satisfying service, the will be our lucrative loyal buyer for our products.
However we have to keep in our mind that making customer satisfying must reward to our business development. The crucial thing is about the price and payment methods. Some time we tend to give the lowest price among similar products. Unfortunately if do not calculate the product and management cost very carefully, the strategy of giving the lowest price soon make our business bankrupt. Of course, we do not want it happen to us.
So don't just give the lowest price but give the fair price and additionally give the easy option for payment. Whether the costumers want to pay in cash or using credit card, we have to accept both methods of payment.


Keeping Computer Secure

Recently I have to reinstall my Windows package. During this year I have to do it twice. It is very annoying. When I reinstall the operating system in my computer, automatically I have to reset the configuration of certain system to get my personalization.
When I talk to some computer technicians, why does my computer often get some error operation, I get one fixed answer. My computer is not protected well, there is not an Antivirus Software working inside my computer. That is why dangerous virus easily intrudes into my computer and destroys some important file systems. Then my computer can not run properly.
The technician suggested me to find the Best Anti Virus Protection. It will protect my computer from intruder. The virus protection software will watch every activity inside my computer. If it detects certain unknown file or program it will let me know. The best is the virus protection will recommend the action to take.
The advice is logical. Finally I got the Antivirus Software Download and set up it. Now I do not get trouble and error operation any more. My computer is running well and working securely. I like my computer.


Leaving .CO.CC

After boring waiting the recovery from examination by co.cc, I consider to leave that domain. Although that domain is free but the service is not satisfied.
In my case, suddenly one of my blog using .co.cc domain can no be accessed. It remain stating "under examination". What is examination is? I my self do not know. The co.cc even has not delivered any notice. I have contacted them but they do not answer or solve my problem. It has been more than 24 hour. but still "under examination".
Hemm...... I am bored waiting. Then I tried to change my blog domain. I found interesting offer to register new domain with TLD .info I got less than $ 2 I like this. I complete payment than soon I move one of my blogs to new domain, www.anisblog.info. I think it is quite cool....... The blog is intended for backing my blogs monetizing

Watching Music Concert in United Kingdom

I like to listening music. However I like more music concert. Music has appeared the basic need for us. Day by day we tend to unable to avoid listening music and watching music live concert.
England is one of the most prestigious places for watching music concert. Various kind of music players; metal, jazz, country, classic, even pop classic hold music concert in London and other cities in UK. Watching live concert is very interesting. We can involve our selves with the stage spirit; huge, warm, peaceful, free and glorious. Such senses of live music can not found with listening CD or cassette. That is why music concert is always full of audience and the ticket is sold out.
Getting ticket for wide well-known favorite artist concert can be very difficult. It can be more difficult for music lovers who live out side UK. It mus be very annoying and frustrating to fly far to London and after arriving there we can not hold the ticket for our favorite performance. So why we do not open our computer before flying? Visiting the ticket agent site is wise and advisable. Checking the ticket available before departure and making the reservation first will be the effective way to watch live music concerts in England


Finding Sport Agent

Spending time by doing favorite sport is very enjoyable. More over, sport activity appears interesting in avoiding a while from working routines.
However attending sport agent will be simpler in accordance that we do not to prepare everything by ourselves. We just do the sport because everything has been prepared. The sport agent will arrange and provide the schedule, ticketing, accommodation and the sport equipments. It will cost little more but it deserves with our satisfactory and convenience.
Having vacation by doing arranged sport activity all around the world will produce maximally good mental effect. It will keep the balance after having work the whole day.