First Adsense Payment with Western Union

Finally it comes, my first adsense payment. Happy me .......... Almost giving up when failed to receive the first Adsense Check. I did not receive the first check from Adsense. i do not know where the check goes to flow. It does not knock my house door. After waiting more that 2 months, and the check had not come to my hose, I asked to reissue the check.
A month latter, I received an email from Google Adsense support. It said that from this month, Indonesian Adsense publisher can receive the payment through Western Union. And it is good news, today I make it true. It is easy and quick to pick up the payment from Adsense via Western Union. What I have to prepare before picking the payment in Western Union is:
  • Qualified ID Card; such as National Identity Card
  • Sender name
  • Sender country ( the Western Union agent where I pick my payment did not ask the complete address of the sender).
  • MTCN (money transfer control number)
  • Recipient name and address which strictly conform with qualified ID
All detail information can be found in our payment history in Adsense account. Picking the payment in Wu can be done the day after the date of the issuing payment. It really simple, easy and quick.


First Payment from BuyBlogReviews

I have completed my review from the broker of Buyblogreviews for more than one week. I see the payment guide that the payment will be done twice a month.
Because it s the first payment, ant it just for two reviews, I do not expect to much. For me, it is too long to wait. Even I nearly consider that Buyblogreviews is actually a cam. However today it is wrong. I get the payment through Paypal.
According to me Buyblogreviews is one of the well-known as the paid review program which we can get earning quickly and easier. We just need to make any reviews which we have bidded before than we wait for whether the bids are approved or not. It they are approved then we have to complete the soon. And waiting the payment. However what make me unpleasant with this Buyblogreviews is that every review must ended with the logo of buyblogreviews. It does not make our review genuine. It is clearly stated that the reviews is sponsored. And that does not sound good for our continuity of our blog content.


Indonesian Adsense Publisher Receives Western Union Payment

last month, I failed to received my first Adsense check. I have had been waiting for two months and the check did not arrive at my home. because of worrying there was something wrong with the check, I decide to ask reissuing the check. I logged in my account and found that my check was successfully stopped. I felt free but kept worrying how I can clear the check if the check its self was so difficult to reach my home.
Then it was the time, last week I received an email from Adsense Support team. It is stated that from this month Indonesian publisher will have the option of payment with the Western Union. Really it is gread advance of Adsense. It proves that Adsese keep trying to offer the best reward for its publishing partner.
Previously Western Union has been lounched as the Adsense payment for several regions and countries. Publishers from the following regions:
  • China
  • Pakistan
  • Filipina
  • Chili
  • Kolombia
  • Malaysia
  • Romania
  • Argentina
  • Peru
have enjoyed the quick and easy payment method before. And Now is the time for Indonesian publisher to get the quick payment. Really It great news from Adsense.