It has been 25 days

My first Adsense check was issued on 24 last month. Since that time I've got hard beating hard.. dag dig dug. It is my first earning from Adsense. I am waiting and waiting but nothing coming. Why does that check need so long time to come?
Actually I could apply express mail for delivering that check. Unfortunately the check is quite small amount, just reach the $100 threshold. Mean while for applying the express mail needs to cost up to $24. After that when I will withdraw the check into local bank, It seems that I will be charge for high enough cost, for about $30. Hemm so much spending the cost to make it cash in my hands
However, I am happy to wait the first chek. It is my first time and I hope it will come sooner. Wellcome the value green paper!


When Will Adsense Pay Indonesian Publisher with Western Union?

Adsense, according to me, is the most established online earning program. It is simply easy and quick approval since it does not need difficult requirement for the publisher, at least for the first. Whoever we are; newbie or master, if we have blog or website with English contents material, we can apply Google Adsense program.
However what make Adsense is not Ok, again according to me, is that the payment method for several regions. Adsense has been using manual method of payment. It uses check with mail delivery. It can be imagined that it will need very long time. Just count my case, I need almost a year to reach $100 threshold. After that, the mail delivery for the check will last more than a month to arrive in my home. I live in very rural country. Mail post is very late to come. After the check came to my house than I need to go to the local bank to withdraw. Some people say it will need for about a month too. Hem... It is very very long time to hand the cash from Adsense.
Luckily for publishers who live in countries which Adsense has expanded the payment method with Western Union. Such countries in Asia are Malaysia and Taiwan who has enjoyed the facility to receive the payment in faster method.
That's for all, if Adsense expand its Western Union to Indonesian publishers, I will not waiting fro such long time for the check arrival. My first Adsense check was published in 24 November and I am still waiting for the check arrival.


Finding the Best Insurance

Internet provides tons of information. Whatever information you need, it is simple to find it. Try to type "insurance" for example in some outstanding search engine machines like Google, Yahoo search, Altavista and others, you will be driven into the gigantic amount of the information headline. The difficulty is then finding the most correct and suitable one for you.
Reading one by one is of course needs a lot of time. It can be that you will feel tired and boring first before really find the best one. Fortunately Internet has provided many portals too for certain categories and topics. They can be official or unofficial, profitable or nonprofitable. The function of these sites are really helpful to sort some sources information. Then we can minimize to trap in much time for irrelevant sites.
For that reason, finding the best general insurance is easy enough. You will be driven straightly into the important information such as rate, requirement, application process, and other quote, term and condition. The information is also classified into certain categories of insurance; auto, condo, health, home, life, and renters insurance. Try to visit! If you really seek the best information about insurance, you will find it really helpful.

Need Payday Loan?

This sort term loans program has reached the popularity since it provides the most simple service which allow us bring cash in short time. When we are really in such urgent situation and we have no enough cash, it really help us to keep smiling in the hard situation.
The development of Internet business has make such program application quick and easy. Most of that service provide online application. We just need to open our computer. connect to the Internet, find the most suitable loan service, fill the provided application form and shut down the computer. Just it, sooner we will have cash flow in our bank account. It is really easy and quick. Some time we do not need to submit any document. It is paperless application.
The requirement is not so difficult. If the applicant is adult enough, above 18 years, has regular trustful income source and has local bank deposit account, he has fitted the requirements to apply the sort term payday loans. The best thing is, this sort term cash program is really confidential. It is personal and private. Because the information we submit is not publicly shared, no one, even family and close friend, will know that we have borrowed money. We are really secured.

Funding for Buying Vehicle

Transportation becomes means of important tool for to days life . It will be more important if we have mobile activities. Every day, we have to move in the street. Actually we can make it benefit by using public transportation but it can be little complex to follow public vehicle mood.
The best solution is then we have to buy our own car. The car will follow us and not us who have to follow the car. Unfortunately, although having own car is so beneficial to support our job activity, buying car is not cheap. We need big budget to to buy it. In this global financial attack, buying car will more difficult. The worst, we have been in the condition of bad credit record. Then having own car will be tougher than before.
So it it will be very lucky if we find the auto loans for bad credit program. Such program surely will make big advantage for such people. Finding such helpful loan is not easy. Sure there a lot of loan program to buy vehicle but the rate, term and condition some times is hard to fit with our financial situation. High rate, complex processing procedure, limited network to buy the vehicle are the common feature of recent auto loan program. So you are very lucky if you have found it.

I like my Adsense

Yesterday was the time when I broke my own record in daily earning. Last time, I said that I got the biggest daily earning but yesterday I broke it. I got bigger.
Adsense program is my first knowlege in blogging monetizing. I considered that for newbie like me, Adsense is very slowly. It is hard to generate earning from Adsense however I can say that Google Adsense is the most established blogging monetizing. Adsense is sure but very slowly. Additionally, the way of Adsense give payment method makes slower. I live in a rural country where mail post need very long time to arrive. To days I have been waiting for the first check. It has not come yet.
When I had got $4.30 daily earning, I considered that it was the bigger. I broke this record yesterday. Up to now, yesterday was my biggest earning. I got $4.64. I has increased little, but it increase and I am happy for that achievement. I hope I can increase gradually next time.


It's Time for No Debt

Having debt is not convenience however it seem more that we can not deny that some time we have to have debt. Moreover, modern life style will tend to make us have debt. Applying credit card for example is actually leading us in to debt condition. The worst, having debt in such way is often identified as persons with fixed established financial foundation. It is irony then having debt is seen as elegant way for living life.
Debt is debt, what ever it looks. In return, if we can not control our self, we can drive our self into serious financial problem. Many people have been trapped by such debt. Of course, the debt will make benefit if we have ability to manage it wisely to fund, support and increase our life advance.
In fact, a lot of people get serious trouble with the debt handling. The time for repaying come in the other hand we often could not effort it. We feel afraid. We are worried even inside the house in case the debt collectors knock the door. What will we do, what could we effort in front of the serious strong character of the deb collector. Many people feel dying before it really come. In that serious mental attack, it is recommended to think about the program of debt consolidation loans. This program will evaluate and consolidate your debt. It is designed to make us take place in controlling our own financial freedom.

Finding Short Term Loan

Recently I have been amazing with the progress of Internet monetizing. Internet, to days, is not only presenting purely information but also giving more real and factual advance of benefit. I never imagined before that this new world would develop far from our expect. Today, it is true. Internet has caught closer and more real.
When we are in such condition of lack cash in our hands. In the same time, we can not borrow the money from friends or relative. It is not because they do not want to lend us but we do not want to be known of lack cash. If we are one of such persons type, we will tend to find the sort funding personally; secret, quick and easy. Because we pay much attention to bankruptcy social image, our real condition in certain time is not allowed to be known publicly. I believe such persons type is not only me, you, but a lot around us. If most of them are being lack cash and they are in emergency need, then we need national cash advance to cover that necessity. We need reliable program which covers such urgent cash.
Payday loan program provides quick and easy cash in short term. It is beneficial especially when we are in very urgent bill while we are lack of cash in our hands. Of course, debt is debt we have to repay next time with special term and condition. However by this quick monetary program, the urgent thing is done. Additionally, and it is the best, such quick loan can be applied over the Internet instantly.

Do You Need Cash?

Once time we do not have any cash in our hands. If we have, it seem that it is not big enough to cover our urgent need. We never expect that urgent thing, however we can not avoid when it does come to us. Then in that situation, is there any quick simple solution way?
We often hear " there is a will, there is a way". Whatever difficult situation we have, the point is having clear thinking and optimist way. Money some times really makes us mad and if we can not control our self, we are really in dangerous situation. We can not imagine to have more fatal done because the way is always available. When we have to pay some urgent bills, in the same time we feel shame to talk to our friend or family to borrow money, Internet has provided that easy and fast way. It is more secured since it is very personal and no collateral asset required. No body will know what we do. Try to find the overnight cash advance and in the morning we will wake up freely.
In certain condition, this service is really far from complicated. Even we need not to submit any document to have cash in advantage. It is short term for cash services. It is fast and simple. It also secured and personal. Once we have completed the application procedure, sooner the cash is flowing to our bank account. The difficulty is done.

Protecting the Car

We tend more and more to need car. Why do we need car? Because we seem more mobile than before. Car is like a second home. Attempting to have the car is not easy. Some time we have to have hard effort to buy car. That is why when we have had car we need to make sure the car is safety protect.
The car always accompany us wherever we go. Car is always in the streets. Because we always mobile, the car is potentially unsafely. Who knows! We have been very carefully when drive the car. However it is often unpredictable to have trouble with the car. It is not always our fault because we have done carefully dealing with the car. We have drove in safety way. We have carefully to park the car in the most safer place. But.. who knows something will happen with the car. It is possible that the other careless drivers hit our car. Even we often do not know who had hit the but that often happen.
If we realize the risk of the condition of the car, why don't we think about the insurance? Finding the eligible source of this insurance for the car is some times confusing. So many sources offered do not make us easily determine which is the best. Try to open the Internet, we will find tons of information but again those make us more difficult to decide the best one. If that is so, try to know the most trustful car insurance rates! That will be surely advantageous to make our cars kept protecting


Home Oh Home

Everyone must need home. It is our personal and permanent residential place. In this Era, it is hard to live without any home. Whether we have to rent, live with parent, we need a place for resting. Home is our value property. Home is our sweet heaven. Home is our identity. It will represent our senses, sense of belonging and sense of care.
However many of us do want to have own home. Unfortunately many of us can not effort to buy a home in straightly cash. Some times we have enough fund but we have to allocate to another bill. Alternatively, we have to borrow fund from lenders, the worst, occasionally we had done it. So in this situation we need the second mortgage to buy a home. Home however must be attempted to have. Sooner or longer we can not avoid to be absent with a home. A home is a basic ownership which we can pride. Without a home, many of us appear less proud of self and that is not good.
From all of that, buying home to days is easier than before. So many loan programs are provided. What we have to do is learning the program to find the best one for us. Every type of program is designed for special purpose and target market. We can not follow friend's way in choosing certain loan program in case that is not suited for our condition. Learning by our self is good but if we can do that, it is better to rely on the experts of the mortgage.


Penggrong Oh Penggrong

I have several blogs. This one was designed formerly for my English personal diary. It would talk some things interesting around me. The theme is various but comes to the personal notes. That is why, when you see in the article labels, you will find various topic which slightly seems different from one to the others.
Penggrong is a one of my blog is which I do not care much about. Formerly I do not think about the page rank of this blog. I do not care about Alexa rank of this blog. I just focus to post. Every post about every thing, I upload it. Than it comes to my mind that I found there are many successful personal blog design over there. First I tried to learn how to choose the layout. I do not have much technical knowledge about HTML language program Than I choose this blog buster's template. I had applied several template but I felt the previous template was not matching with my personal sense. If I compare with my other blog, I take less attention for this blog.
However, It can not be denied that I start to like this blog. This blog is my real attempt. If this blog gets Page Rank 1, that is my achievement in affording increasing page rank. If this blogs till got 3 million of Alexa rank, that is my achievement, I am still learning about the SEO. Hopefully, I can make less than million for the Alexa rank. I like Penggrong he...he...

Credit Card; Which One is the Best?

If we have not had any credit card yet, than it is difficult to find out which one is the best card for us. Tons of information will be available over the Internet but tons of it we seem more confusing. In that situation, what we need is not the quantity of the information but the quality of the trustful source from the experts whom we believe.
Credit card become more flourish in the world since it make our financial deal easier. By credit card in our hands, we do not need to bring much cash in our pursue. It helps to prevent us from cash stolen. In this term, we are safe.
Having enough knowledge about credit card's feature, advantage and disadvantage is absolutely important before applying one. There are kinds of credit card with different features offered. Each will have implication which ties to us. Every credit card is designed to help but the best credit cards are ones which fit to our need. We have to know that there are many people who are trapped by credit card. In the first, they applied that credit card in order to make their financial matter easier but next they are trapped and can not solve it. That trouble thing with credit card is commonly caused by their unknown thing about the card. They do not know exactly what correct cards suit for them. So know what you need and use it wisely.

Dealing with Unforeseen Cost

It is not strange to find out that some time we need very urgent cash in hand on the contrary we never expected this cost before. It is such usual day that we can not stay up on the top of our financial condition. This condition often seems be with us in this difficult financial condition. Many people are worried about the unexpected future.
That phenomenon often happens to us. We never expected unpredictable bill, that why than we did not need calculate and prepare for it before, and suddenly it really comes to us. What should we do? We are confused, worried, frustrated and do not know what to do. However, that should last longer with us. We should make clear our mind and think quickly to do the best. If we do not do that, remember, the unpredictable bill is always behind us and ready to kick. We can be confusing but we have to act to overcome that.
So we are in that financial difficulty, in the same time we are not any cash in our hand. Because of certain reason we can not borrow money from friend or family. Just think how we can get the cash and we do not need to tell our difficulty to our close friend or family. Then the answer is applying the loan until payday comes. It is simple, quick and personal. No friend and family know that difficulty so we keep be proud of ourselves.


My Page Rank Moves

Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank are the most popular topic in many forum and bogging post. Page Rank And Alexa are the main weapon for online war. They are the biggest dream for every blogger and me too.
Google page rank has been appearing unpredictable both in time update and algorithm pattern. I do not know technical term about it. I just want to say that making the Google page rank increase is often making us frustrating.
last time, it seems predictable when the page rank update will bee. Almost 4 times a year, Google will update the page rank of all the webs entirely over the Internet. Because the time was predictable, at least blogger has the ability to prepare well. Many blogger has certain strategy to keep or increase the page rank. Usually the strategy is done a month reaching the Google page rank update time. Then how the instant strategy will be applied while the update time is unpredictable. In the first half of this year, update time was still predictable, each 3 or 4 months. Suddenly, After July, the update time for page rank has been really confusing. It seems that Google wants to make page rank update once a month.
Some time after trying hard to make impressive page rank and many times I fail, then I do not think to much about the page rank. Let it moves in whatever it wants. My consent is making good quality posting. I do not think much in SEO. It makes me tired. My point is how to make suitable contents for my blog regularly.
Today, it is my surprising. I incidentally see this blog page rank moves from big 0 to page rank1. I do not believe. I see it in Google page rank tool bar for the firs time. When I check this blog in checkpagerank, yes it is. It is marvelous after being in big 0 page rank too long. Now

Waiting for the First Adsense Check Arrival

Finally my first Adsense check was issued. Hemmm I am very happy as well worry. Why? I am happy because I have reached that Adsense earning threshold. It has made me to work online almost 1 year to reach that $100 threshold. I have tried to maximize my blogs in Adsense earning but that what I have reached for 1 year in Adsense. Pitty me……
Waiting is waiting and than is not convenience. Waiting is annoying though what I am waiting for is a Check arrival. It is my first time then I do not have any personal reference for the adsense check. Actually I expect clear description from Adsense site about issuing my first check. The Adsense site does not send me any notification. What I hold in my mind is just the word issued which means published. I do not know whether the check has been sent or not.
Again because it is my first time I always ask how the physical appearance envelope of the Adsense check post. When I got notification via post consisting PIN for Adsense verification ID and address, I got link in my account panel to see the print screen of the post card will be. After the post card arrived, it was true, it seem in my control panel link.


My Nokia 6630 Retires from Calling and Message

Recently I subscribe the unlimited Internet connection from Indosat M2. This product of having unlimited internet connection needs to have a bundling modem with. However I do not buy this modem. I just used my Nokia 6630 as my modem.
I am quite satisfied with this IM2 Broom service although the Internet speed is nor fast. Why it is not fast as it is advertised. May be because may home todays is not 3G coverage area while this IM2 Broom can work perfectly with HSDPA or 3G network. For more information of this IM2 Broom unlimited prepaid can be found at indosatm2.


My Biggest Daily Earning from Adsense

I start to like more Google Adsense. According to me Adsense is the most fixed way for blogging monetizing for long time. It is true that paid review program is fastest but it seems that such program is quite risk. We all know that Search Engine like Google hate paid review program very very much. Because of this hate, Google may decrease the page rank of any site which attend monetizing from review. It is reasonable because so greedy of that paid, many contents of blog appear inappropriate with their original niche.
I have not be able to maximize my earning way from Google Adsense. Usually my daily earning is average $1 up to $2 for this mounth. However I do like yesterday. For certain personal reason, I got verey upset yesterday. Fortunately it deserved by my Adsense earning. When I logged in to my Adsense account. It was suprising me as well as priding. I reached the biggest number of daily Adsense earning. It was $4.30. It is true that Adsense gives $4.30 is not special thing. Many expert in blogging monetizing get hundred Dollar daily but for me, newbie like me, new comer in blogging monetizing, harvesting dollar of 4.30 a day is a special achievement.
I have several blog, but I can not maximize all. I just have the abililty to earn from adsense constantly from only one blog. And the earning 4.30 comes from only one blog. One day, I expect all my blog deserve $4.30 daily, how happy I am......Really I like yesterday and hopefully, I will like the next following days