Homeless Maids on Sundays

A lot of people concider that Sunday is a special day. After working the whole six days, then Sunday is the day of, day for family. Sunday is the day to belong home and stay in it.
Maid, in other term said as domestic worker, has working area inside and around house. She keeps the house tidy and clean. She cook food and serve to the house setler. She is the house master for six days a week but she does not really belong to the house's home. Absud...but she usually live in tini roo in or around the house where works.
Sunday is a day for family and a maid is not a member of the family. On sunday, a maid does not have the house. Alternately a maid has public places; park, street, supermarket, theatre and internet cafe. The last place is likely to the favourite one for maids to spend the whole day. There are a lot of maids using YM to chat on Sundays. Most of them are maids who spend the time by online chatting, seeking new friends and sharing with the old friends. When the night appears, they will say; "Good bye and see you on next Sundays". They come back to their employer and have the house again.


Reading Good Article

Reading is advantageous activity. Much read means much know. Leisure time should be spent by reading but coming to decision for which good article is sometime confusing. So many articles are offered and some of them are not quite balance in point of view.

Article directory will help us to find the good one. It provides several categories of topic in several degrees. Our views will catch the table of content which usually take place in side bar. Then it is easily to choose the needed one.

I have read a blog that focusing on this balance in point of view for its contents. It does not make admiration but also criticize the value of the discussed thing. It reveals both the positive and negative senses of the content. The articles are carefully sifted here. Surely we will get some other values if we read it.


Watching Film

It is Sunday and it is my leisure. I do not have many hobbies but I do like watching film. Why do I like watching film?

First, film is the representative image of the creator, the scriptwriter and the director, on the world around them. It means the theme of the film is the actual life. I have my own life. When I want to experience the other people, then film can bridge it. What the actors feel is universal genuine. Everyone will feel like the actors feel when the same event happen to them. So why don’t we learn from others through film. The good film should have a positive impact on the moviegoer. It should arouse the empathy and that’s quite good to make better way among society.

Second, I am not English speaker but I am learning to be that. English film provides the factual context clue for every dialogue among the actors. It will make easy to understand the emotive side of the dialogue. Film makes the description of the dialogue live. I will get a better understanding of pronunciation and how to apply in certain word context. And this is difficult to find in text book.

Since film product is variety, then we need a reference before watching it. Recently I read arun's movie world. It has the actual link to the movie. It will be enjoyable to know the rough plot of the movie before fully watching it


My Home as my Office

Everyone has a dream to have big earning and me too. Everyday we see people around us getting early, going and working in their office then going home late afternoon. They try hard to have potential earning resource. And that’s the natural causality; who plants, he will get harvest. Harder working means potentially getting more earning.

The choice then is only one, working. In this way then we try to seek the simple, easy and legal way to work. One is working from home and many are done with internet. That is possible to making home as the office.

I have a strong eagerness to make my home as my office which potentially gives big earning. Recently I read many articles about making money online. It sounds great. I find that there are a lot of thing which can be done to make money from home through internet. If it is done, it will be more convenient way in making money. I need not to go somewhere much to work. Just staying home and it actually works. I need not wear formal dress even after getting up and straightly making money is possibly done. Then the way of making money will be appear simpler. Many people dream it and, again, I do too.

Internet provides a large opportunity for working online and many people say it potentially gives big revenue. It is really very big income if it is compared with the way is done, worked from home. And of course, it has to be continuously worked hard. I am learning to do it.


How Can They Speak English Fluently?

It is amazing to hear non English native speaker speak fluently. We often ask to ourselves. How can they do? In the other hand, we have tried hard to speak and reach the fluent speaking. But the result has not been satisfied yet. What’s wrong with us?

I have a friend, just call him Toni. He is master in linguistics. He knows much about grammar and structure. He can talk much about phonology, semantic and socio-linguistic. In the same time, when he tries to explain the linguistic knowledge, he has difficulty to express it. We know that he is capable of what he wants to explain. It seems that he has found his tongue locked and tries to open it when he speaks in English.

My other friend named Dewi does not know much about phonology and other linguistic tool. We are sure it because she always have lowest score in foreign language. Our test commonly focuses much on grammar and structure. However, when she wants to talk about something, she can manage to speak smoothly and fluently.

It is said that language is not knowledge but it is custom. It means more practice more fluent. Much linguistic but less practice will not make speaking fluently. In the same way, much practice but less linguistic knowledge will sound “street language”

Recently I’ve found a blog which has describe how nationally to make fluent speaking in English. You can find it in the beauty of vector. It explains why Filipinos speak English more fluently than other East Asians. Filipinos are admitted speaking English naturally besides Singaporeans and Malaysians.