Homeless Maids on Sundays

A lot of people concider that Sunday is a special day. After working the whole six days, then Sunday is the day of, day for family. Sunday is the day to belong home and stay in it.
Maid, in other term said as domestic worker, has working area inside and around house. She keeps the house tidy and clean. She cook food and serve to the house setler. She is the house master for six days a week but she does not really belong to the house's home. Absud...but she usually live in tini roo in or around the house where works.
Sunday is a day for family and a maid is not a member of the family. On sunday, a maid does not have the house. Alternately a maid has public places; park, street, supermarket, theatre and internet cafe. The last place is likely to the favourite one for maids to spend the whole day. There are a lot of maids using YM to chat on Sundays. Most of them are maids who spend the time by online chatting, seeking new friends and sharing with the old friends. When the night appears, they will say; "Good bye and see you on next Sundays". They come back to their employer and have the house again.

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