Witch Hazel - The Perfect Winter Addition To Your Garden

Most people have heard of witch hazel. The first thing they think of when the name is mentioned is the ointment that is such a boon when it comes to bruises of all kinds. Many people can remember being treated with this delight when they were children.

Have you ever seen witch hazel growing in the garden?

You may have done at some point, but the chances are you won't have been familiar with its appearance. For most people the familiarity ends with the name. As you will see winter is the best time of year to go out and discover what witch hazel has to offer.

Witch hazel is more properly known as Hamamelis. As with many plants there are many different types of the Hamamelis variety. Look out for Barmstedt Gold for example, with its beautiful yellow flowers. Rubin and Diane are two other varieties of witch hazel that will provide a good splash of rich red in your garden at the right time of year.

Winter is a month that often sees us staying indoors out of the cold weather. The garden can look somewhat lost and lonely at this time of year, mainly because many plants are waiting until at least the spring to unfurl their delights for us to see.

Witch hazel is different. This is an early bloomer and as such it makes a good solid addition to any garden. If you have been caught out by a late burst of winter after planting out some new additions to your garden in the past, you won't have to worry so much about witch hazel. This is a very hardy plant and it can withstand some tough conditions.

The flowers of the witch hazel look almost like streamers as they unfurl and come out to greet you. They can often be among the first flowers you will see in your garden at this time of year, and as such they can look stunning. An acidic soil will be best loved by the witch hazel plant, whichever variety you decide to go for.

The good news is that you can enjoy your witch hazel blooms well into the summer months as well. If you have decided to go out and buy your very first witch hazel plant to add to your garden, be sure you don't have a strict budget in place. Deciduous shrubs like this one tend to be quite expensive, although the cost is well worth the reward you get in return.

Opting for cheaper plants usually does not pay off, since the quality will be less. But provided you bear this in mind and choose your varieties of Hamamelis carefully, you should be rewarded with a wonderful display in your garden.

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