Forbidden Access to Yahoo

My Nokia 6630 is my primary accessing medium for internet. It has two browsing tool. They are the default browsing tool of Nokia 6630 and the second is installed Opera Mini 4.1, the newest version.
My primary connection is Mentari GPRS. I use this Indosat product because of the lower rate for GPRS cost. Although I have to apply external outdor antenna, and it make me not mobile any more he..he.. I still love to use Mentari GPRS.
Nowdays I can not access yahoo by Opera mini through Mentari GPRS. It says; ”FORBIDDEN. You don’t have permission to access /ext/get_misdn_yahoo.php on this server. Apache/2.0.52(unix)php/4.3.10 Server at wap.indosat.com port 80” Anyone can help me??


NOKIA 6630; Keeping Accessing my Blog

Todays, blogging is one of my top concerns. Since last four months, I have tried to make, manage and post for my blogs. This is my second blog and my earlier one is understandingtext.blogspot.com. Both of my blogs apply blogger. I like to use simple lucrative and free services and blogger is my choice. I have a very limited access tool to internet therefore I often to sit and rent internet access in internet coffee. Then it comes to my mind to use my Nokia 6630.
I have eagerness to maximize my Nokia 6630. It said that this Nokia type is the first product which provides 3G access for multimedia data. Unfortunately, I live in a village. 3G connection has not covered my village yet. Even the only one of GSM service providers is Telkomsel products; Hallo, Simpati and AS. We do not have many choices using wireless telecommunication. The worst, Telkomsel products are too expensive for me. So I have to try to find another GSM provider because CDMA has not covered my village area yet. Then I heard that Indosat data access is cheaper but its network coverage is very low in my village. I need to apply outdoor antenna and it works. “Great work” I said to my self. I can access internet through GPRS from Indosat.

My Nokia 6630 and Opera Mini
I am not satisfied with default browsing menu built in Nokia 6630. It is too simple. I need more feature to manage and make posting for my blog. I try to find this free browsing sofware which allow me to access to my blogs and post article to them. Firstly I tried Skyweezer but it did not satisfy me. Finally I find the free software that make me quite satisfactory. It is Opera Mini. I do like this sofware. Opera Mini is free to install and quite complete for accesing to internet. It brings the webs and blogs appearing in my Nokia 6630 as like full desktop appearance. Furthermore Opera Mini has developed gradually. Today I use Opera Mini 4.01. It is really great. It seems that I hold tightly PC in my hand.
Now anywhere, anytime I can access to my blog from my Nokia 6630 in quite satisfying way. I can make post for my blog just through my handphone. I can manage, change little thing of the blogs in a simple way, not need computer, just from my handphone. If I have to wait for something in a long time, I am not afraid and boring anymore. While I am waiting, I have something to do, accessing my blogs and write something in them. Again, all are only from my handpone.

My Nokia 6630 and Emoze
After getting browsing internet in simple way, I need to have full connection with my email all day. I have tried to monetizing my blogs. I need to be alerted when some new issue is sent to me. I have to know and respond everything quickly. In simple words I need the sent email straightly appear in my handphone in real time, just like SMS.
I have made email in yahoo. I had tried hard to find any email push up alert but I did find it. Yahoo may have this feature but it may not free. I want the free one. Fortunately I find it in Emoze. It is said free service. It pushes any sent email of Gmail to handpohone. “That is what I want” I said to myself. I change my email address from Yahoo to Gmail. Then I tried to download this Emoze several time but it failed. I almost gave up but I tried again and again. Then it came early in the morning. After getting up I tried again to download it. It succeeded. I was very happy. Then I installed it to my Nokia 6630 and it worked.
Now my handphone sounds bip bip, jus like SMS to alert me that I receive new email in my Gmail account. This new email is from Google Adsense support which tells me of newest feature, accepting qualified third party advertisement. I really get full connected with internet in real time. I like my Nokia 6630.


Migrant Worker's Donation

The village has been developed. Public places such as mosque, school and village hall has been renovated. The goverment has been financially supporting for that public place renovation but the migrant worker in Malaysia has been supporting more for their homevillage.
They have arranged anually collecting the donation. One of them flies to Malaysia to meet the migrant workers and collect the donation. This program usually bring home more than 50 million for the village development.
Now it is being done. Hopefully it runs succesfully. Thank you migrant donator.


From Cangaan to Kuala Lumpur

What is the relationship between the two names of place? Most of you must say 'nothing relationship'. Even you do not know what and where Cangaan is. I'll tell you...
Cangaan is a village name. It is a very very real circumstanced village. A long paved way toward the village is for about 3 km. Trees and bush grow in the left and right side. If you are new and in the middle of the paved way, you may be scared. It looks toward a forest.
There is no fixed phone line. Communication is held through gsm phone. The worst, only telkomsel products cover the area. Where are you Indosat and XL? When will you cover my village? But that's is my village. So the villagers do not have alternative in choosing telecommunication service provider. Willy-nilly, they have to use telkomsel sim card. Meanwhile they often dial international number. How it comes. Villagers who live in a very real village get used to dialing international number. Whom do they call?
Cangaan consists of or about 6 hundreds houses. todays most of the houses have 1 or 2 even more migrant workers in Malaysia. some of them are very successful and they appear as financial supporter specially for their families and generally their village. public services building increase. They care about their village. due to success, one of them used to stay 6 days in Kuala lumpur to work and one day going home Cangaan to have Friday prayer.

We are Villagers

In the afternoon, we usually drink coffe together. We drink coffee at an inn located out side of our houses, in a farming area.
Yes it is in farm field. Rice, corn planting, trees, goat, cow, cultivating farmer, singing bird are close around us. We like to gathering in this place because the coffee tastes nicely, the environment make peace, and we can get connected to internet via our mobile. This is the best best place in our village to get not only drinking coffee but also connecting to wider world.

Managing City while building Village

High way, factory, car, supermarket, polution, crowded, individualism and modern may tightly attach to city issues. In the other hand, farms, bufallo, green sight, extremely explored mountain, traditionalism will be referred to village life. How different it is and how both can be equally matched.
Later it may come after the above slogan moves, from the writte propaganda into applied action. Bravo Gresik... Vilagers're waiting


Cooking With Microwave Oven

How to Cook
• Recommended plate, non metal plate
• food

Cooking procedures
• Wash hands
• Plug in the electricity
• Put the food into the microwave
• Decide how long it will heat the food
• Press the button
• Wait for the beep sound
• Take out the food
• Wash hands after cleaning the area

How to Clean
Necessary Equipments
• Liquid soap
• Sponge
• Damp cloth
• Dry cloth

Cleaning Procedures
• Turn off microwave
• Take out the plug from the electrical power
• Clean the stain inside the oven by using soft cloth and soap
• Dry the inside oven
• Clean outside oven, avoid spreading water
• Dry it

Expected Result
• Microwave is clean
• Microwave is dry


Using Toaster

How to Use
Necessary Equipments
• Plate
• Knife
• Bread

Toasting Procedures
• Wash hands
• Put bread into the toaster
• Press the time button necessarily
• Wash hand after clean it

Expected Result
• Toaster works well
• The bread is brownish
• The bread is not burned

How to Clean
Necessarily Equipments
• Damp cloth
• Dry cloth

Cleaning Procedures
• Take out first the plug from electric power
• Wipe the toaster by using damp cloth
• Dry the toaster by using dry cloth
• Wash hands

Expected Results
• Toaster is clean
• Toaster is dry