From Cangaan to Kuala Lumpur

What is the relationship between the two names of place? Most of you must say 'nothing relationship'. Even you do not know what and where Cangaan is. I'll tell you...
Cangaan is a village name. It is a very very real circumstanced village. A long paved way toward the village is for about 3 km. Trees and bush grow in the left and right side. If you are new and in the middle of the paved way, you may be scared. It looks toward a forest.
There is no fixed phone line. Communication is held through gsm phone. The worst, only telkomsel products cover the area. Where are you Indosat and XL? When will you cover my village? But that's is my village. So the villagers do not have alternative in choosing telecommunication service provider. Willy-nilly, they have to use telkomsel sim card. Meanwhile they often dial international number. How it comes. Villagers who live in a very real village get used to dialing international number. Whom do they call?
Cangaan consists of or about 6 hundreds houses. todays most of the houses have 1 or 2 even more migrant workers in Malaysia. some of them are very successful and they appear as financial supporter specially for their families and generally their village. public services building increase. They care about their village. due to success, one of them used to stay 6 days in Kuala lumpur to work and one day going home Cangaan to have Friday prayer.

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