NOKIA 6630; Keeping Accessing my Blog

Todays, blogging is one of my top concerns. Since last four months, I have tried to make, manage and post for my blogs. This is my second blog and my earlier one is understandingtext.blogspot.com. Both of my blogs apply blogger. I like to use simple lucrative and free services and blogger is my choice. I have a very limited access tool to internet therefore I often to sit and rent internet access in internet coffee. Then it comes to my mind to use my Nokia 6630.
I have eagerness to maximize my Nokia 6630. It said that this Nokia type is the first product which provides 3G access for multimedia data. Unfortunately, I live in a village. 3G connection has not covered my village yet. Even the only one of GSM service providers is Telkomsel products; Hallo, Simpati and AS. We do not have many choices using wireless telecommunication. The worst, Telkomsel products are too expensive for me. So I have to try to find another GSM provider because CDMA has not covered my village area yet. Then I heard that Indosat data access is cheaper but its network coverage is very low in my village. I need to apply outdoor antenna and it works. “Great work” I said to my self. I can access internet through GPRS from Indosat.

My Nokia 6630 and Opera Mini
I am not satisfied with default browsing menu built in Nokia 6630. It is too simple. I need more feature to manage and make posting for my blog. I try to find this free browsing sofware which allow me to access to my blogs and post article to them. Firstly I tried Skyweezer but it did not satisfy me. Finally I find the free software that make me quite satisfactory. It is Opera Mini. I do like this sofware. Opera Mini is free to install and quite complete for accesing to internet. It brings the webs and blogs appearing in my Nokia 6630 as like full desktop appearance. Furthermore Opera Mini has developed gradually. Today I use Opera Mini 4.01. It is really great. It seems that I hold tightly PC in my hand.
Now anywhere, anytime I can access to my blog from my Nokia 6630 in quite satisfying way. I can make post for my blog just through my handphone. I can manage, change little thing of the blogs in a simple way, not need computer, just from my handphone. If I have to wait for something in a long time, I am not afraid and boring anymore. While I am waiting, I have something to do, accessing my blogs and write something in them. Again, all are only from my handpone.

My Nokia 6630 and Emoze
After getting browsing internet in simple way, I need to have full connection with my email all day. I have tried to monetizing my blogs. I need to be alerted when some new issue is sent to me. I have to know and respond everything quickly. In simple words I need the sent email straightly appear in my handphone in real time, just like SMS.
I have made email in yahoo. I had tried hard to find any email push up alert but I did find it. Yahoo may have this feature but it may not free. I want the free one. Fortunately I find it in Emoze. It is said free service. It pushes any sent email of Gmail to handpohone. “That is what I want” I said to myself. I change my email address from Yahoo to Gmail. Then I tried to download this Emoze several time but it failed. I almost gave up but I tried again and again. Then it came early in the morning. After getting up I tried again to download it. It succeeded. I was very happy. Then I installed it to my Nokia 6630 and it worked.
Now my handphone sounds bip bip, jus like SMS to alert me that I receive new email in my Gmail account. This new email is from Google Adsense support which tells me of newest feature, accepting qualified third party advertisement. I really get full connected with internet in real time. I like my Nokia 6630.

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