Paypal Supports More Local Languages

If we are living in one of four regions in Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan and Tailand. Now Paypal supports one of these languages.
It means that Paypal has admitted the Paypal users from these regions as big potential markets. By adding these local languages, Paypal will be more familiar for Asian. However, Bahasa Melayu does not appear in Paypal language prefered for Malaysiaan paypal site.


Google Wants Natural Page Rank

Last time, as it was publicly known that Google would make update page rank regularly. Though it was not known when the exact time, but it was surely updated 4 times a year. And the back link is a main factor for Google to decide.
This year, Google has made unpredictable update. It was begun last July. The update was hold. Then next mounth the was page rank update again August. Again in September the page rank was updated which was really shocking. Many bloggers thought that Google update page rank was once a mounth. So they had prepared well for Oktober but nothing happened. Suddenly, this November is really the time for Google update again. Timing update for page rank is irregular.
What make more shock is that the link does not determine much. How many links a blog has, they do not stimulate much as before. Getting paid link and submiting to directory do not seem to increase the page rank. It seems that Google wants the natural links and they can be with the good contents.


Blogtoprofit Sent the First Job

I signed up for blogtoprofit two mounths ago. After receiving approval confirmation, it never contacted me anymore. I've signed in several time but there was not any link of opportunity. I even thought blogtoprofit was such of new spamming way.
Today, to my surprised, blogtoprofit sent me email. It informed that there were links of opportunity. I am glad since there are four tasks. Each gives me $5.25 Blogtoprofit is one of my favorite. It pays quicky, weekly payment schedule.


Wearing Glasses

Eyeglasses is not only guarding our eyes from sunlight but also giving impressing style. When we see Sarah Palin in making speech on television, we will be impressed by her elegant style in wearing eyeglasses.
Finding the suitable eyeglasses today is not difficult. There are many eyeglasses provided in the market. The Zenni Optical was on FOX news! can be attracting so much. There are some Variable Dimension Frames From Zenni. They can be classic and modern style. They can be looked as simple design or very complicated elegant one. These eyeglasses frames are the result of deep careful product analysis. So the products appear impressing and if we wear one, it will be expressing for our personality.
However, in this difficult financial situation, finding the cheap product but having good quality is more important. Many products have very good quality but we can not effort to buy them. Some have very cheap price but we are afraid of the quality or odd design. Fortunately there is the Great Eyeglasses For Less money. If we want this then the Zenni Optical is the answer.


Finally my Adsense Reaches $100

It has been my eagernes to hand the adsense cheque. But it needs more than 9 mounths to reach the $100 limit. Poor me, so long to wait but that's my work.
I am very happy when loggin my adsense acount. I find that there is good progres for my adsense performance. I get more clik on my adsense but it remains less $1 a day. I've tried hard to generate adse earning. I want to get $1 each day but it seems that I still fail. My clik earning has $0.05. I really have very low paying keywords. I can not effort to have high paying keyword. I have tried making contents with HPK but it does not work much. Does it make difference? I live in Indonesia. I hear that it will be litle bit diffical when having blog visitor from Asian countries to get HPK. Is it true?
However I am quiet happy now. I have reache $100. Hopefully I will receive adsese cheque soon