Finally my Adsense Reaches $100

It has been my eagernes to hand the adsense cheque. But it needs more than 9 mounths to reach the $100 limit. Poor me, so long to wait but that's my work.
I am very happy when loggin my adsense acount. I find that there is good progres for my adsense performance. I get more clik on my adsense but it remains less $1 a day. I've tried hard to generate adse earning. I want to get $1 each day but it seems that I still fail. My clik earning has $0.05. I really have very low paying keywords. I can not effort to have high paying keyword. I have tried making contents with HPK but it does not work much. Does it make difference? I live in Indonesia. I hear that it will be litle bit diffical when having blog visitor from Asian countries to get HPK. Is it true?
However I am quiet happy now. I have reache $100. Hopefully I will receive adsese cheque soon

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