Google Wants Natural Page Rank

Last time, as it was publicly known that Google would make update page rank regularly. Though it was not known when the exact time, but it was surely updated 4 times a year. And the back link is a main factor for Google to decide.
This year, Google has made unpredictable update. It was begun last July. The update was hold. Then next mounth the was page rank update again August. Again in September the page rank was updated which was really shocking. Many bloggers thought that Google update page rank was once a mounth. So they had prepared well for Oktober but nothing happened. Suddenly, this November is really the time for Google update again. Timing update for page rank is irregular.
What make more shock is that the link does not determine much. How many links a blog has, they do not stimulate much as before. Getting paid link and submiting to directory do not seem to increase the page rank. It seems that Google wants the natural links and they can be with the good contents.

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