Cleaning Bathroom Floor

The floor of the bathroom is cleaned in the last time. Throw rubbish and make wet the floor. Apply Floor chemical and pay attention to the direction to use and brush it. Rinse with water then dry it. Do not forget to wash your hands.
After being brushed, floor must be clean, dry and not slippery.

The Needed Equipment
-2 pails for water and for soap
-1 cloth for floor
-Hand brush
-Floor chemical

Working Procedure
Use water as effective as possible. Do not make splash of water to another area. If it happens, dry it immediately.

Cleaning Toilet Bowl

Toilet bowl always must be cleaned, more of it, toilet bowl that is located very closely to other rooms.
During cleaning toilet bowl, use hands glove to keep your hands clean and avoid touching directly with chemical action that used to clean the toilet bowl.
All part of toilet bowl must be clean and dry. Beside that, it must not have bad smell and complete with toilet paper.

The part of toilet bowl that must be cleaned:
* Inside part of bowl
* Outside part
* Lower part
* Seated part
* Cover
* Water tank
* Wall surrounding

The Needed Equipment
* 2 pails for water and for soap
* Hands glove
* Toilet bowl brush
* Sponge
* Cloth to rinse
* Cloth to dry
* Liquid soap

Cleaning Mirror

Cleaning mirror in bathroom is divided into two parts: the part of the wall and the part of mirror itself. The part of the wall can be cleaned like cleaning the wall of bathtub while the mirror is cleaned with glass cleaner. The wall must be cleaned first.
After being cleaned, the mirror must be clean, dry and shiny. Beside that, the wall does not have bed smell.

The Equipments needed
* 2 pails for water and for soap
* Sponge
* Cloth for wall
* Cloth for glass
* Liquid soap
* Glass cleaner

Cleaning Washbasin

Cleaning washbasin is like cleaning bathtub and done every day, even it sometimes must be cleaned twice; in the morning and in the afternoon
Rubbish often block the pipe, like hair. It is better to put first before cleaning the washbasin.
After cleaning washbasin, the result must be clean, dry, no bad smell and complete with hand soap.

The Needed Equipment
* 2 pails for water and for soap
* Sponge
* Cloth to rinse
* Cloth to dry
* Liquid soap

Cleaning Shower Screen

Shower screen must be cleaned every day or done twice a day. Usually the stain is exists on the glass of the shower screen, wall and the floor because of the rest of soap and shampoo.
After being cleaned, shower screen must be clean, dry and having shine glass

The part of shower screen that must be cleaned:
* Wall
* Inside glass screen
* Floor
* Outside glass screen

The Needed Equipment
* 2 pails for water and for soap
* Sponge
* Cloth to dry
* Liquid soap
* Glass cleaner

Cleaning Bathtub

Bathtub always must be cleaned after being used. We can know easily that the bathtub is still dirty although it has been cleaned, by wiping hand on the parts of the bathtub, and we feel that dirt is still sticking on the surface of the part of the bathtub
After being cleaned, bathtub must be clean, no stain, no bad smell, dry and complete with toiletries

Parts of bathtub must be cleaned
Button part of the bathtub
Wall of the bathtub
Edge part of the bathtub
Outside wall surrounding the bathtub
Water tap
Soap place

The equipments needed
2 pails for water and for soap
Cloth to rinse
Cloth to dry
Liquid soap

Making Bed

The bed, as a place to take a rest, must have convenience and tidiness. Actually, making bed is intended more to make tidy or change the sheet, pillow case and blanket.
After making bed, the bed must be tidy and straight, tight sheet and tidy angles

Working Procedure
While you are making bed, look the space you have, wide or narrow, there is breakable furniture or not. It is important especially when spreading sheet, to avoid reaching something, fall and broken

The parts of bed
Head bed
Spring box
Bed skirt
Bed pad
Pillow protector
Pillow case
Blanket cover

Dusting a Room

Dusting can be done in clockwise and finished at first point. This way is applied in order not to miss any space of the room, more over, the room that consists of many kinds of furniture. If the furniture is very dirty, use the damp cloth. If there is furniture made of glass, use glass cleaner.
After being cleaned, the room must be clean without dust, not bad smell. The furniture moved must be put back to former place.

Working Procedure
While you are doing dusting, you always exist around furniture. Be careful to the sharp edges and the hard corners of the furniture

The Needed Equipment
Cloth for wooden furniture
Cloth for glass
Glass cleaner

Cleaning Windows

Generally, window is divided into two parts, namely frame and pane. The frame part can be washed with water and soap while the pane can be cleaned with glass cleaner. In order to get the clean result, it is better to clean the window while the sun is not shining directly to the pane. The sunlight makes it easily dry and the result will not be clean.
The window that has been cleaned will be dry and clean both frame and pane.

Working Procedure
If you have to clean a high window and you get difficulty to reach it with our hand, use long extended stick.
If you clean the outside window on high building, use long extended stick, do not climb or lean out of the window and keep one of our hand hold the side of the window.
If you clean window, do not forget to lock the window. Do not stand on a chair or desk to reach the high side of the window. Use glass wiper with extended stick. Do not climb to edge of lower pane.
When you must use stair, see the stairs condition. After that, set the stairs in the best position. It is to avoid you falling down.If it is possible, do not use a usual stairs but a durable stairs.

The Needed Equipment
2 pails for water and for soap
2 cloth to wash and to rinse
1 wool cloth to clean the glass
Soft hand brush
Glass cleaner
Liquid soap

Cleaning Door

The easiest way to clean the door is using water and soap. A door can be easily dirty because of bad habit of human. They often open and close the door not through the existed handle. A door always becomes the first impression before entering a room.
There are some kinds of door that can be washed with water and soap, namely the oily painted door and the wooden door that used for toilet and storeroom.
After being cleaned, the door must be clean and dry. The floor may not be wet in avoiding someone getting split.
Make sure that there is nobody goes out and enter through the door that you are cleaning.

The equipments needed
2 pail for water and for soap
3 cloth to was, rinse and dry
Soft brush

For steel door, it is better to use steel polish and dry cloth. For glass door, it is better to use glass cleaner and dry cloth. For the door made of plywood can be wiped (dusting), if it is necessary, use wood polish.

Cleaning Wall

Wall that is easily dirty must be cleaned but must consider the quality of the paint. It is better to try to clean the hidden part before cleaning the whole parts of the wall. This act is intended to know the quality of the paint whether it is strong or not. If the paint of the wall is not quiet strong, use wet cloth and wipe it softly. Cleaning wall can be done to the whole part or only to the dirty part. The part of the wall that tends to be dirty is around switch on/off, near the door, and behind the chair where head of a person who sits on it lies to the wall.
After being cleaned, wall must be clean. Beside that, the floor may not be wet.

Working Procedure
Check the condition and kind of the wall to decide its cleaning supplies. Do the cleaning from a room to another room. Avoid splash of water and soap on the furniture, curtain, and floor.
If you find the floor wet, dry it immediately.

The equipment needed

2 pails for water and liquid soap
Soft brush
1 cloth to rinse
1 cloth to dry

Cleaning Stairs

Cleaning stairs must emphasize to the cleanness and safety. The dirty, even fatty stair makes it slippery. Therefore, it must be cleaned regularly. All kinds of the surfaces of the stairs can be cleaned.
Use damp mop to clean stairs. Use water as little as possible. Clean stairs holder too.
The main object in cleaning stairs is to make it clean and not slippery. Stairs is a place where a lot of people walk through.

Working Procedure
An accident that happens in stairs is a serious thing. Take care to the things that concerns to safety.
Clean the stairs when it is not being used. Do not leave any equipment on the stairs but put them in down floor near to the wall

The Needed Equipment
2 pail for water and for soap
Cloth for moping
1 hand brush
Liquid soap

Cleaning Wooden Floor

Wooden floor can be made of thigh plywood or wood that is designed for floor
The characteristic of wooden floor is hard, not easy absorbing water and easily burning. Because of its characteristic, it is not necessary to use much water in mopping wooden floor. Damp cloth is enough. If there is a stubborn stain, use soft hand brush
After being cleaned, the floor must be clean, dry and not slippery. Furniture must tidy.

Working Procedure
In cleaning wooden floor, pay attention to the direction to use of the chemical action. Pay attention to the way of using brush in order not to scratch its surface.
After cleaning, do not leave any cleaning equipment on the wooden floor.

The Needed Equipment
Dust pan
Mopping stick or cloth for floor
Soft hand brush


Floor can be brushed or just mopped if there are no stubborn stains. The material used to mop is a special detergent that does not produce much foam.
Moping tool must be squeezed many times in order to avoid bad smell in the floor. The floor must dry and not slippery. Furniture must be put back to the former place

Working Procedure
During moping floor, squeeze the cloth/ mop until being damp. It is to prevent the floor not to be wet and slippery. All of that are to avoid people getting split.
During mopping, do not put the mopping bucket in working area to avoid us and other people hitting the bucket. Place the moping bucket in the bathroom or the place where you take water
If you find the floor still wet or there is water spills on it clean and dry immediately because the floor becomes slippery.
Do not leave water in pails. If you do not use it, throw it away because children like to enter the pail consisting water

The Needed Equipment
Moping tool
Pail with its squeezer
Floor chemical


Sweeping is away to make the surface of the floor clean from dust. This work can use a broom with long extended handle. After sweeping, it can continue to wash the floor manually or using machine.
During sweeping, do not miss to sweep the corners of the room, the space under furniture and the space behind the door. The small furniture can be moved first. After being swept, put back the furniture to the former place.
After sweeping, the floor must be clean, all parts of the room are swept and the rubbish has been thrown away. Beside that, furniture is tidy in the former place.

Working Procedure
While sweeping, avoid the broom hitting furniture. It can damage the furniture and produce noisy sound. This noisy sound can bother your employers, especially in the morning while they are sleeping
Put rubbish that is collected from each room. Do not sweep and move the rubbish from a room to another room.
Do not leave broom spread on the floor. It makes you, your old ages, and children trip on it. Put back the broom in the storeroom or put in the corner of the room with standing position if you will use it again.

The Needed Equipment
1 dust pan
1 broom


Why They Decide Becoming Maids

Becoming a maid in hometown is not so bad but working as a maid in Hongkong, Singapore and other safety conditioning foreign countries is quite good for certain Indonesian women. Living and working in foreign countries is not quite easy. Defferent culture, social pattern, belief and language make hard to live and work in foreign countries. It is harder for maids because they live very closely to their employers. They live in the same roof, but remember that the roof belongs to the employers. The maid must obey the rule, what ever it is. This close distance tends to produce inconvenience. Then why they decide to be maid? Many factors influence the decision but valuable experience, language acquisition and high salary are the main decisive ones. And these factors force and keep them smile and smile meanwhile they are alienated.


Right skills means successful maids

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