Cleaning Wall

Wall that is easily dirty must be cleaned but must consider the quality of the paint. It is better to try to clean the hidden part before cleaning the whole parts of the wall. This act is intended to know the quality of the paint whether it is strong or not. If the paint of the wall is not quiet strong, use wet cloth and wipe it softly. Cleaning wall can be done to the whole part or only to the dirty part. The part of the wall that tends to be dirty is around switch on/off, near the door, and behind the chair where head of a person who sits on it lies to the wall.
After being cleaned, wall must be clean. Beside that, the floor may not be wet.

Working Procedure
Check the condition and kind of the wall to decide its cleaning supplies. Do the cleaning from a room to another room. Avoid splash of water and soap on the furniture, curtain, and floor.
If you find the floor wet, dry it immediately.

The equipment needed

2 pails for water and liquid soap
Soft brush
1 cloth to rinse
1 cloth to dry

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