Cleaning Windows

Generally, window is divided into two parts, namely frame and pane. The frame part can be washed with water and soap while the pane can be cleaned with glass cleaner. In order to get the clean result, it is better to clean the window while the sun is not shining directly to the pane. The sunlight makes it easily dry and the result will not be clean.
The window that has been cleaned will be dry and clean both frame and pane.

Working Procedure
If you have to clean a high window and you get difficulty to reach it with our hand, use long extended stick.
If you clean the outside window on high building, use long extended stick, do not climb or lean out of the window and keep one of our hand hold the side of the window.
If you clean window, do not forget to lock the window. Do not stand on a chair or desk to reach the high side of the window. Use glass wiper with extended stick. Do not climb to edge of lower pane.
When you must use stair, see the stairs condition. After that, set the stairs in the best position. It is to avoid you falling down.If it is possible, do not use a usual stairs but a durable stairs.

The Needed Equipment
2 pails for water and for soap
2 cloth to wash and to rinse
1 wool cloth to clean the glass
Soft hand brush
Glass cleaner
Liquid soap

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