Floor can be brushed or just mopped if there are no stubborn stains. The material used to mop is a special detergent that does not produce much foam.
Moping tool must be squeezed many times in order to avoid bad smell in the floor. The floor must dry and not slippery. Furniture must be put back to the former place

Working Procedure
During moping floor, squeeze the cloth/ mop until being damp. It is to prevent the floor not to be wet and slippery. All of that are to avoid people getting split.
During mopping, do not put the mopping bucket in working area to avoid us and other people hitting the bucket. Place the moping bucket in the bathroom or the place where you take water
If you find the floor still wet or there is water spills on it clean and dry immediately because the floor becomes slippery.
Do not leave water in pails. If you do not use it, throw it away because children like to enter the pail consisting water

The Needed Equipment
Moping tool
Pail with its squeezer
Floor chemical

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