Sweeping is away to make the surface of the floor clean from dust. This work can use a broom with long extended handle. After sweeping, it can continue to wash the floor manually or using machine.
During sweeping, do not miss to sweep the corners of the room, the space under furniture and the space behind the door. The small furniture can be moved first. After being swept, put back the furniture to the former place.
After sweeping, the floor must be clean, all parts of the room are swept and the rubbish has been thrown away. Beside that, furniture is tidy in the former place.

Working Procedure
While sweeping, avoid the broom hitting furniture. It can damage the furniture and produce noisy sound. This noisy sound can bother your employers, especially in the morning while they are sleeping
Put rubbish that is collected from each room. Do not sweep and move the rubbish from a room to another room.
Do not leave broom spread on the floor. It makes you, your old ages, and children trip on it. Put back the broom in the storeroom or put in the corner of the room with standing position if you will use it again.

The Needed Equipment
1 dust pan
1 broom

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