Cleaning Door

The easiest way to clean the door is using water and soap. A door can be easily dirty because of bad habit of human. They often open and close the door not through the existed handle. A door always becomes the first impression before entering a room.
There are some kinds of door that can be washed with water and soap, namely the oily painted door and the wooden door that used for toilet and storeroom.
After being cleaned, the door must be clean and dry. The floor may not be wet in avoiding someone getting split.
Make sure that there is nobody goes out and enter through the door that you are cleaning.

The equipments needed
2 pail for water and for soap
3 cloth to was, rinse and dry
Soft brush

For steel door, it is better to use steel polish and dry cloth. For glass door, it is better to use glass cleaner and dry cloth. For the door made of plywood can be wiped (dusting), if it is necessary, use wood polish.

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