What is DNS?

DNS. as widely blogger know, stands for Domain Name Servers. A domain name is what appears in the address line of an Internet page of site or blog. It is the actual address of the homepage of the site which we visit. For example, while you are visiting this blog, it appear in the address line as www.unblocker.name Unblocker is a domain name which I use for this blog. while the dot name is the TLD of the domain. Domain name is very important for the success of any site or blog. The domain name should represent to all the blog or site contents. Domain name is the first key word of the site or the blog
Domain name is not it is for the site or blog. The actual name of the site or blog is number. This number is widely called as IP Address. Remembering the number for about 32 bit number is difficulty and to make easily remember that number is converted int the word of domain name.
When we browse any website then in the address line comes a words instead of the number of the IP Address of the website. The change from the numbers into the desired name of the website is the responsibility of the Domain Name Server


Famous Oriental Rug Origins

Let’s have some knowledge about the most commonly Oriental Rugs. Oriental rugs are available in different form such as modern and antique. The antique rugs will be a great addition to a room with some antique furniture. It has to be noted that many countries manufacture oriental rugs based on their traditional designs. We can easily identify the origin of the Oriental rug by seeing its design. Now let’s see the 4 common types of oriental rugs in use today

Persian Rugs
Many people think that the term oriental rugs means “Persian rug” because, the Persian rugs are very common and are easier to identify. The Persian rugs are well known for its durability. Moreover, these Persian rugs will be much beautiful than the rugs produced in any other parts of the world. Most of the Persian rugs will have catchy floral patterns which can be easily identified.
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Indian Rugs
Indian oriental rugs are very popular next to the Persian ones. Most of the oriental rugs sold in the western countries are said to have originated from India. The Indian rugs are handmade and hence will have the highest durability. The noticeable feature of the Indian rug is the very cheap pricing. These oriental rugs can be identified with the great Indian cultural designs.

Tibet Rugs
The Tibet rugs are the most costly rugs. However, these rugs are valuable investments that can increase your home’s value. It has to be noted that creation of one Tibet rug takes approximately 3500 working hours. Hence all the rugs from Tibet are woven with care. The Tibet rugs can be easily identified with the rustic patterns.

Turkey Rugs
With the first World War destroying the Turkish rug industry the Turkish rugs are hard to find today and hence are highly priced. The industry has slowly started to regain its shape through the recent years. These rugs can be identified with the great traditional Turkish designs with rich colours.


Who will be the Next American Idol?

Fans of American Idol are waiting with deep breath to see if Adam Lambert or Kris Allen will take home title of IDOL in this most famous TV talent show.

American Idol contest began as summer 2002 on the talent TV show, but it quickly has appeared into a cultural phenomenon of ten million viewers. The ratings have sagged around 7 percent this season but it is still the nation's top-rated TV show with around 26 million viewers.

The Idol event has a long list of stars from the winners and losers. It includes singer Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry and Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson.

Garden Makeover

Beautiful garden is seem to be beautiful house. Then, garden makeover is needed for a variety of reasons. These include changes in soil or land conditions, seasonal changes, lifestyle changes and even only a preference change of mind. Whatever the reason, easy tips for Garden Makeover will help gardener do the job to a high standard and with a short time. Now think, before getting garden makeover!

Before buying plants
Plants and flower can be very expensive and it is important to avoid them dry out and die suddenly. Therefore, it is always best to plan the garden according to our preferences such as color, seasonality and the quality of the seeds of the plant before we buy. It is that make research before buying the plant and flower.

Thinking in the container
Often, we only need to plant the existing garden to see the new containers in a different light. Think fun, stylish and stunning gown, container to the other common-looking plants. We may think that this is a garden makeover as a change of clothes with the right accessories.
Speaking of accessories, the right statue, chairs and tables, jewelry boxes and even roof gardens can beautify the garden. Finding inspiration from the architecture of the house because we want to view the structure of the garden fitted to the house.

Creating the illusion
Entitled to a garden fantasies of life, so think of the garden as the Garden of Eden which we can play with. Creating an illusion of a larger room with adjoining flower jewelry jewelry flower patch, or making the illusion of the supernatural with the twinkling lights on the tree will fix our mind if seeing them. Our imagination is the only border in the Park Makeover.

Patronizing Local plants
If we want to save money in a garden makeover, one of the best ways to do this is to buy seeds from a local. We should have more competitive prices and fresh stock, which will be very useful effective. It is also beneficial to try finding native plants. They are not only able to participate in the local park, but also save costs because the plant can be adapted into the new environment. The principle think is More adjustment will be less maintenance and less cost.


China Blocks Porn Sites

It was said that the Chinese government has blocked the 41 Internet network because the networks contain pornographic material. This act is as part of the effort for a month to clean up the Internet channel in the country.

Show off and distribution of pornography material to the public is a violation in that density people country. China promised to continue to reveal, punish or even close the network that refused to fix the error of showing and distributing the porn material.

So far there are 19 Internet services in China, including search engines Google and Baidu, have sent an apology online for slowly clear and delete the contents of porn in their pages.

Special Browser Austic Child

A grandfather was successfully created a special web browser for the autism. Hence, the autistic children can be more comfortable exploring the virtual world. The grandfather was named John LeSieur and found the inspiration to create a special web browser from his autistic grandchild. He found that his grandchild- Zackary (6 years) - was difficult in using the regular web browser to access the Internet. The child was frustrated and often throw the computer mouse.

As a grandfather, LeSieur felt in life to help the beloved grandson. Then, he tried to find online tools which could guide the autism t explore the virtual world, but no one was satisfying him.

Finally, LeSieur decided to create a special web browser that more than simple web browser in general. The Web browsers is called Zac Browser For Autistic Children.This Software is closing a number of sites that are inappropriate for children's consumption. It is designed to block improper content such as violence, sex and other adult content. Additionally, the web browser also has bigger icon pictures and negate a number of features which can possibly confuse the autistic children, such as print screen and right click key. This browser can be downloaded for free at www.zacbrowser.com


Second Adsense Payment in Hand

To day, I get to go to Western Union Agent in Post Office. My attention is to withdraw the Adsense payment. It is my second time to receive the Adsense.
In payment history, I saw the link to "payment in progress" two days ago. Last night I sow it has change to "payment issued". It meas that I can withdraw it today. Thank Adsense, I like it.