What is DNS?

DNS. as widely blogger know, stands for Domain Name Servers. A domain name is what appears in the address line of an Internet page of site or blog. It is the actual address of the homepage of the site which we visit. For example, while you are visiting this blog, it appear in the address line as www.unblocker.name Unblocker is a domain name which I use for this blog. while the dot name is the TLD of the domain. Domain name is very important for the success of any site or blog. The domain name should represent to all the blog or site contents. Domain name is the first key word of the site or the blog
Domain name is not it is for the site or blog. The actual name of the site or blog is number. This number is widely called as IP Address. Remembering the number for about 32 bit number is difficulty and to make easily remember that number is converted int the word of domain name.
When we browse any website then in the address line comes a words instead of the number of the IP Address of the website. The change from the numbers into the desired name of the website is the responsibility of the Domain Name Server

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