Special Browser Austic Child

A grandfather was successfully created a special web browser for the autism. Hence, the autistic children can be more comfortable exploring the virtual world. The grandfather was named John LeSieur and found the inspiration to create a special web browser from his autistic grandchild. He found that his grandchild- Zackary (6 years) - was difficult in using the regular web browser to access the Internet. The child was frustrated and often throw the computer mouse.

As a grandfather, LeSieur felt in life to help the beloved grandson. Then, he tried to find online tools which could guide the autism t explore the virtual world, but no one was satisfying him.

Finally, LeSieur decided to create a special web browser that more than simple web browser in general. The Web browsers is called Zac Browser For Autistic Children.This Software is closing a number of sites that are inappropriate for children's consumption. It is designed to block improper content such as violence, sex and other adult content. Additionally, the web browser also has bigger icon pictures and negate a number of features which can possibly confuse the autistic children, such as print screen and right click key. This browser can be downloaded for free at www.zacbrowser.com

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