Cooking With Microwave Oven

How to Cook
• Recommended plate, non metal plate
• food

Cooking procedures
• Wash hands
• Plug in the electricity
• Put the food into the microwave
• Decide how long it will heat the food
• Press the button
• Wait for the beep sound
• Take out the food
• Wash hands after cleaning the area

How to Clean
Necessary Equipments
• Liquid soap
• Sponge
• Damp cloth
• Dry cloth

Cleaning Procedures
• Turn off microwave
• Take out the plug from the electrical power
• Clean the stain inside the oven by using soft cloth and soap
• Dry the inside oven
• Clean outside oven, avoid spreading water
• Dry it

Expected Result
• Microwave is clean
• Microwave is dry

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