Watching Film

It is Sunday and it is my leisure. I do not have many hobbies but I do like watching film. Why do I like watching film?

First, film is the representative image of the creator, the scriptwriter and the director, on the world around them. It means the theme of the film is the actual life. I have my own life. When I want to experience the other people, then film can bridge it. What the actors feel is universal genuine. Everyone will feel like the actors feel when the same event happen to them. So why don’t we learn from others through film. The good film should have a positive impact on the moviegoer. It should arouse the empathy and that’s quite good to make better way among society.

Second, I am not English speaker but I am learning to be that. English film provides the factual context clue for every dialogue among the actors. It will make easy to understand the emotive side of the dialogue. Film makes the description of the dialogue live. I will get a better understanding of pronunciation and how to apply in certain word context. And this is difficult to find in text book.

Since film product is variety, then we need a reference before watching it. Recently I read arun's movie world. It has the actual link to the movie. It will be enjoyable to know the rough plot of the movie before fully watching it

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