How Can They Speak English Fluently?

It is amazing to hear non English native speaker speak fluently. We often ask to ourselves. How can they do? In the other hand, we have tried hard to speak and reach the fluent speaking. But the result has not been satisfied yet. What’s wrong with us?

I have a friend, just call him Toni. He is master in linguistics. He knows much about grammar and structure. He can talk much about phonology, semantic and socio-linguistic. In the same time, when he tries to explain the linguistic knowledge, he has difficulty to express it. We know that he is capable of what he wants to explain. It seems that he has found his tongue locked and tries to open it when he speaks in English.

My other friend named Dewi does not know much about phonology and other linguistic tool. We are sure it because she always have lowest score in foreign language. Our test commonly focuses much on grammar and structure. However, when she wants to talk about something, she can manage to speak smoothly and fluently.

It is said that language is not knowledge but it is custom. It means more practice more fluent. Much linguistic but less practice will not make speaking fluently. In the same way, much practice but less linguistic knowledge will sound “street language”

Recently I’ve found a blog which has describe how nationally to make fluent speaking in English. You can find it in the beauty of vector. It explains why Filipinos speak English more fluently than other East Asians. Filipinos are admitted speaking English naturally besides Singaporeans and Malaysians.

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