Waiting for the First Adsense Check Arrival

Finally my first Adsense check was issued. Hemmm I am very happy as well worry. Why? I am happy because I have reached that Adsense earning threshold. It has made me to work online almost 1 year to reach that $100 threshold. I have tried to maximize my blogs in Adsense earning but that what I have reached for 1 year in Adsense. Pitty me……
Waiting is waiting and than is not convenience. Waiting is annoying though what I am waiting for is a Check arrival. It is my first time then I do not have any personal reference for the adsense check. Actually I expect clear description from Adsense site about issuing my first check. The Adsense site does not send me any notification. What I hold in my mind is just the word issued which means published. I do not know whether the check has been sent or not.
Again because it is my first time I always ask how the physical appearance envelope of the Adsense check post. When I got notification via post consisting PIN for Adsense verification ID and address, I got link in my account panel to see the print screen of the post card will be. After the post card arrived, it was true, it seem in my control panel link.

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