When Will Adsense Pay Indonesian Publisher with Western Union?

Adsense, according to me, is the most established online earning program. It is simply easy and quick approval since it does not need difficult requirement for the publisher, at least for the first. Whoever we are; newbie or master, if we have blog or website with English contents material, we can apply Google Adsense program.
However what make Adsense is not Ok, again according to me, is that the payment method for several regions. Adsense has been using manual method of payment. It uses check with mail delivery. It can be imagined that it will need very long time. Just count my case, I need almost a year to reach $100 threshold. After that, the mail delivery for the check will last more than a month to arrive in my home. I live in very rural country. Mail post is very late to come. After the check came to my house than I need to go to the local bank to withdraw. Some people say it will need for about a month too. Hem... It is very very long time to hand the cash from Adsense.
Luckily for publishers who live in countries which Adsense has expanded the payment method with Western Union. Such countries in Asia are Malaysia and Taiwan who has enjoyed the facility to receive the payment in faster method.
That's for all, if Adsense expand its Western Union to Indonesian publishers, I will not waiting fro such long time for the check arrival. My first Adsense check was published in 24 November and I am still waiting for the check arrival.

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