My Page Rank Moves

Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank are the most popular topic in many forum and bogging post. Page Rank And Alexa are the main weapon for online war. They are the biggest dream for every blogger and me too.
Google page rank has been appearing unpredictable both in time update and algorithm pattern. I do not know technical term about it. I just want to say that making the Google page rank increase is often making us frustrating.
last time, it seems predictable when the page rank update will bee. Almost 4 times a year, Google will update the page rank of all the webs entirely over the Internet. Because the time was predictable, at least blogger has the ability to prepare well. Many blogger has certain strategy to keep or increase the page rank. Usually the strategy is done a month reaching the Google page rank update time. Then how the instant strategy will be applied while the update time is unpredictable. In the first half of this year, update time was still predictable, each 3 or 4 months. Suddenly, After July, the update time for page rank has been really confusing. It seems that Google wants to make page rank update once a month.
Some time after trying hard to make impressive page rank and many times I fail, then I do not think to much about the page rank. Let it moves in whatever it wants. My consent is making good quality posting. I do not think much in SEO. It makes me tired. My point is how to make suitable contents for my blog regularly.
Today, it is my surprising. I incidentally see this blog page rank moves from big 0 to page rank1. I do not believe. I see it in Google page rank tool bar for the firs time. When I check this blog in checkpagerank, yes it is. It is marvelous after being in big 0 page rank too long. Now

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