I like my Adsense

Yesterday was the time when I broke my own record in daily earning. Last time, I said that I got the biggest daily earning but yesterday I broke it. I got bigger.
Adsense program is my first knowlege in blogging monetizing. I considered that for newbie like me, Adsense is very slowly. It is hard to generate earning from Adsense however I can say that Google Adsense is the most established blogging monetizing. Adsense is sure but very slowly. Additionally, the way of Adsense give payment method makes slower. I live in a rural country where mail post need very long time to arrive. To days I have been waiting for the first check. It has not come yet.
When I had got $4.30 daily earning, I considered that it was the bigger. I broke this record yesterday. Up to now, yesterday was my biggest earning. I got $4.64. I has increased little, but it increase and I am happy for that achievement. I hope I can increase gradually next time.

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