My Biggest Daily Earning from Adsense

I start to like more Google Adsense. According to me Adsense is the most fixed way for blogging monetizing for long time. It is true that paid review program is fastest but it seems that such program is quite risk. We all know that Search Engine like Google hate paid review program very very much. Because of this hate, Google may decrease the page rank of any site which attend monetizing from review. It is reasonable because so greedy of that paid, many contents of blog appear inappropriate with their original niche.
I have not be able to maximize my earning way from Google Adsense. Usually my daily earning is average $1 up to $2 for this mounth. However I do like yesterday. For certain personal reason, I got verey upset yesterday. Fortunately it deserved by my Adsense earning. When I logged in to my Adsense account. It was suprising me as well as priding. I reached the biggest number of daily Adsense earning. It was $4.30. It is true that Adsense gives $4.30 is not special thing. Many expert in blogging monetizing get hundred Dollar daily but for me, newbie like me, new comer in blogging monetizing, harvesting dollar of 4.30 a day is a special achievement.
I have several blog, but I can not maximize all. I just have the abililty to earn from adsense constantly from only one blog. And the earning 4.30 comes from only one blog. One day, I expect all my blog deserve $4.30 daily, how happy I am......Really I like yesterday and hopefully, I will like the next following days

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