Penggrong Oh Penggrong

I have several blogs. This one was designed formerly for my English personal diary. It would talk some things interesting around me. The theme is various but comes to the personal notes. That is why, when you see in the article labels, you will find various topic which slightly seems different from one to the others.
Penggrong is a one of my blog is which I do not care much about. Formerly I do not think about the page rank of this blog. I do not care about Alexa rank of this blog. I just focus to post. Every post about every thing, I upload it. Than it comes to my mind that I found there are many successful personal blog design over there. First I tried to learn how to choose the layout. I do not have much technical knowledge about HTML language program Than I choose this blog buster's template. I had applied several template but I felt the previous template was not matching with my personal sense. If I compare with my other blog, I take less attention for this blog.
However, It can not be denied that I start to like this blog. This blog is my real attempt. If this blog gets Page Rank 1, that is my achievement in affording increasing page rank. If this blogs till got 3 million of Alexa rank, that is my achievement, I am still learning about the SEO. Hopefully, I can make less than million for the Alexa rank. I like Penggrong he...he...

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