It has been 25 days

My first Adsense check was issued on 24 last month. Since that time I've got hard beating hard.. dag dig dug. It is my first earning from Adsense. I am waiting and waiting but nothing coming. Why does that check need so long time to come?
Actually I could apply express mail for delivering that check. Unfortunately the check is quite small amount, just reach the $100 threshold. Mean while for applying the express mail needs to cost up to $24. After that when I will withdraw the check into local bank, It seems that I will be charge for high enough cost, for about $30. Hemm so much spending the cost to make it cash in my hands
However, I am happy to wait the first chek. It is my first time and I hope it will come sooner. Wellcome the value green paper!

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  1. Congratulations on your first Adsense check!

    Have a very Happy New Year!

    ~Sandy G.