First Payment from BuyBlogReviews

I have completed my review from the broker of Buyblogreviews for more than one week. I see the payment guide that the payment will be done twice a month.
Because it s the first payment, ant it just for two reviews, I do not expect to much. For me, it is too long to wait. Even I nearly consider that Buyblogreviews is actually a cam. However today it is wrong. I get the payment through Paypal.
According to me Buyblogreviews is one of the well-known as the paid review program which we can get earning quickly and easier. We just need to make any reviews which we have bidded before than we wait for whether the bids are approved or not. It they are approved then we have to complete the soon. And waiting the payment. However what make me unpleasant with this Buyblogreviews is that every review must ended with the logo of buyblogreviews. It does not make our review genuine. It is clearly stated that the reviews is sponsored. And that does not sound good for our continuity of our blog content.

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