Leaving .CO.CC

After boring waiting the recovery from examination by co.cc, I consider to leave that domain. Although that domain is free but the service is not satisfied.
In my case, suddenly one of my blog using .co.cc domain can no be accessed. It remain stating "under examination". What is examination is? I my self do not know. The co.cc even has not delivered any notice. I have contacted them but they do not answer or solve my problem. It has been more than 24 hour. but still "under examination".
Hemm...... I am bored waiting. Then I tried to change my blog domain. I found interesting offer to register new domain with TLD .info I got less than $ 2 I like this. I complete payment than soon I move one of my blogs to new domain, www.anisblog.info. I think it is quite cool....... The blog is intended for backing my blogs monetizing

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