Domain Forged PR 3 Become PR 0

I have been interested at domain investement. Recently I bought several domains. Some of them have unique and potentian name. And some do not sound so nice. The rest has PR 3 but forged. I bought this Mister France domain because it is simply popularly pronounced domain name and had page rank 3 though according a page rank checker is forged
I bought the domain $8 from a local domain flipping sepecializing in forged PR. Hopefully becoming valid page rank, I configurated that domain blogspot as the free hosting.
Unfortunately Google page rank update was really unpredictable on the lasg September. In that time, the blog pages had not been indexed all by Google search engine. For the first time I know that domain had very few back link. However the domain has taken place in the top row as I typed its name domain in the search engine.
According to my previous experience, forged domain can change to valid when it was typed the domain name itself and it appeared in the top pages as result of Google search engine. Howeve that forged domain excludes with theory. I have made it in the top result of search but domain even dropped to the page rank 0. I failed to make it valid but succeeded to drop it. Pity me...