UNDER EXAMINATION Goes to NOT FREE; co.cc domain case

I have posted my previous trouble with free co.cc domain several time and unfortunately I did not get any solution of that co.cc under examination domain. That note "your domain is under examination" seems like unaccessible to force me leave that domain and I did. I moved my blog to another domain name. Several days and that note's "your domain is under examination" remaining was really annoying, the worst, I did not get any explanation from co.cc
Today, When I try to check the availability of that domain. Hem it is available, mean no one registered but to my surprise that domain name is not free any more. It is in charge 3$ a year. He..heh... so I think I know why co.cc gave under examination to my domain name last time. it seems my domain name was unique, good, interesting and possibly to sell, not free. My question is why co.cc did not do that since I registered for the firs time? Any one have the same experience with co.cc domain under examination?

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