Ironing Trousers

Needed Equipments
o Iron board
o Iron cover
o Iron mechine
o Hanger
o Needle
o Thread
o Splint
o Button
o Handkerchief
o Sprayer
o Dry-mat foot

Working Procedure
1. Use protector for safety
2. Plug in the electricity
3. Choose the suitable temperature
4. Use handkerchief or cloth if the trousers can be easily shine
5. Turn over the trousers to iron the inside part
6. Start to iron the inside part, pocket, and around the buttock
7. Re-turn over to iron the outside part
8. Continue to iron the thigh, knee, and the whole part following the previous lines
9. Avoid making double lines
10. If there are some pleats, keep to iron it
11. Iron by rolling for jeans
12. After completely done, hang the trousers
13. Check the result, do it again if it is necessary
14. Put back the equipments and chemicals in the safe place
15. Clean working area

Expected Result
o Trousers muat be tidy and no shiny
o There are not double lines
o Working area is clean and tidy
o Trousers are ready to kept

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