His Car was Stolen

He has knows as a careless man. He often left his properties in unlock condition. Actually he is quite rich. He has a big new house. He has motorcycles for each family member. He also has a car. He is a successful businessman. He runs his own building material shop. Every day, he spends most of his time in the shop.
Recently, he got bad effect for his careless behavior. In that time he parked his car in front of his house. He thought that it was safe to park there because it was in his own area. He thought that nobody would bother him and his parked car. He closed the gate and entered into his house. He enjoyed that evening time with his family before going bad. He was watching TV, talking to each other and frequently saw out of the window. Nobody was there and his car kept in that safe place. The time was going to late night. His wife and children had been going to bed. He felt very tired after working all day in his shop. He felt sleepy and straightly went to bed.
In the very early morning he got up. He remembered that he had not locked the gate of his front yard. He went out and found the gate had been opened. He felt worry about that and it was true. He found his car was not there. He stood on his legs and was in tremble. He could not talk any word. It was true; the car was not there anymore.
Fortunately he has a good wife. Finding his husband in depressed situation, she came closer to him and said calmly;” Everything is still okey. We have applied auto insurance, haven’t we? We do not lose all. Due to this insurance, we still have the rest”. I think he is a lucky man.

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