More Domains for Monetizing

Recently I look mad with buying domain. When bidding, buying, paying, waiting for push and configurating that domain really make joyful. Maybe next days I will be domain flipper, who knows? This activity makes certain satisfactory.
That domains have various TLD. One domain is dot name. I have a dot info too. And of course I do not miss a dot com. All domain are registered at Godaddy. These domain are intended to be configured with blogspot hosting, I still like the free hosting.
At first I got difficulty in configurating that domain into blogspot. Once I succeded configurating them but some time they are not accessible with or without typing www as the preffix of that domains. That was annoying. However the trouble was done and the key is the setting up in CNMA for that domains.
The dot name domain has internet and computer niche and has page rank 2. The dot info which I use for life style blog has page rank 3 but forged, I am struggling hard to make it valid rank. The other domain has dot com TLD and I design it for cash and credit niche. If that blogs are ready and fixed, I will make them monetized for review. Hopefully

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