Bathing Baby

A baby is a sensitive case. Anything about the baby is a very a careful thing because any little mistake will be a big problem for the baby. Bathing baby is daily work for a mother or a babysitter. The following post may help them to do it

Necessary Preparation
• A set of cloth and diapers
• 2 washcloths each for face and body
• 2 towels each for face and body
• Bathing blanket
• Soap and shampoo
• Powder and cream
• Round cotton
• Splash bath with warm water

Bathing Procedures
• Set the room temperature. If it is necessary, close the door and window.
• Wash hands
• Prepare the baby clothes
• Put the equipment for bathing
• Pour water to full a half volume of the basin.
• Arrange the water temperature for about 37-39 Celsius degree.
• Wear off the baby cloths and change with bathing blanket.
• Clean the baby's eyes. Use warm water if it is necessary.
• Wipe the baby's face with smooth damp cloth then dry it. Avoiding using any soap.
• Hold the baby. Arrange your thumb and ring fingers to reach the baby ears in case water splashes to the baby ears.
• Wet the baby's hair. Apply shampoo and rinse it. Then dry it.
• Wear the baby's blanket. Put the baby into the splash bath or basin by holding the baby's head with your left hand wrist, putting your left thumb on the baby's right back shoulder and other fingers on the baby's armpit. In the same time, arrange your right hand to hold the baby's groin
• Wet the baby's body. Apply soap and wipe smoothly with wash cloth. Arrange the baby in slanted position to reach the baby's back. Take carefully to the skin hollow, buttock and genital.
• Lift the baby from the basin. Dry with towel and powder on the whole body except the baby face.
• Apply the cream on the skin hollow if it is necessary.
• Wear diaper and baby clothes
• Clean and dry the baby's ear lobe and nose with cotton bud
• Put back the baby in the baby cot. Cover it with blanket.
• Clean the basin or splash bath then dry it. After that, put it back in the right place.
• Clean working area and don't forget washing hands.

Expected Result
• The baby is fresh, clean and neat.
• The basin or splash bath is clean and restore in the right place
• Working area is clean

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