Generally, the equipment that is often used to clean houses or other places can be classified into:

Manual equipment
• Broom: there are many kinds of broom. Broom is used to clean and collect rubbish especially on the flat surface
• Brush: Brush is used to remove stains that stick on the surface of the goods. There are many kinds of brush for example hand brush, toilet bowl brush, tooth brush etc
• Linen: There are many kinds of linen for example cloth for floor, cloth for wall, cloth for glass, cloth for furniture
• Container: A tank for water or rubbish incidentally or permanently for example pail, water dipper, dust bin, rubbish box
• Protective equipment: A tool that used to protect while cleaning something for example hands glove

Electrical Equipment
Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuum cleaner is the electrical equipment that is often used to clean goods in house. Vacuum cleaner can be used to clean the dust almost on all surfaces, for example the surface of floor, carpet and sofa.
The Parts of Vacuum Cleaner:
• Motor block
• Container
• Dust filter
• Dust bag
• Hose
• Universal sucker
• Corner sucker
• Brush sucker
Operating Vacuum Cleaner:
• Set the parts of vacuum cleaner completely as you need
• Plug in vacuum cleaner to electrical socket
• Lift vacuum cleaner to the first working area
• Switch on vacuum cleaner
• Clean the working area with backward movement
• Take rubbish that can not be sucked
• Re-check the working area
• Switch off vacuum cleaner
• Unplug from electrical socket
• Put back vacuum cleaner to storeroom
Cleaning Instruction:
• Tidy cable
• Open container and clean with damp cloth then dry it
• Clean dust filter
• Throw away rubbish, clean dust bag and set it up
• Clean the pipe too and other helping tools
• Set up again and save it in the store room
Working safety:
Don not operate electrical equipments when with wet hand because water is electrical conductor
Do not leave vacuum cleaner when connected with electricity
During vacuuming, keep the machine close to you to easily turn off the machine when there is electrical shock
Do not unplug by pulling on cord
If you get burning smell, switch off machine

There are various kinds of and form of cleaning supplies that is used to clean the house or other places. The various kinds and form of the cleaning supplies can be divided into:
 Soap: It is easily mixing with water. Its form can be liquid or solid
 Chemical action: It is chemically reacted and usually used to clean hard stains

 Disinfectant: It is used to kill germ, often used to clean toilet bowl
 Chemical polish: to shine the surfaces of good for example wood polish, metal polish, leather polish, glass cleaner
 Deodorant: to makes rooms fresh, its for can be liquid or solid

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