Sterilizing Milk Bottle

Milk bottle is an important medium for a baby. It need to be sterilized after being used. The following way is how it is done.

Necessary Equipments
Liquid soap
Bottle brush
Nipple brush
2 basins each for warm water and for clean water

Sterilizing Procedures
Release all parts of the bottle
Soak them in the warm liquid soap dilution for about 2-3 minutes
Remove all the rest milk fat.
Clean all parts of the bottle, including spin and rubber nipple. Rinse them in the second basin
Rinse again in flowing water
Check the water in the sterilize to make sure that is quite enough
Put the bottle in the sterilizer with downward position.
Put spin, rubber nipple and bottle lip certain place of the sterilizer.
Close the sterilizer lid and connect to electric power
Wait for about 10-15 minutes. It will switch off automatically
Disconnect it from electric power and wash hands.
Keep the bottle in the sterilizer until it will be used

Expected result
The bottle is sterilized and it is still in the sterilizer
The electric power has been turn off
The equipments have been back in the right place

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