Using Rice Cooker

How to Cook
Necessary Equipments
• Basin for washing rice
• Measure glass
• Rice spoon

Cooking Procedures
• Wash hands
• Wash rice until clean
• Put the rice into cooker's pan
• Pour water into the pan
• Dry the outside of the pan
• Put the pan into the rice cooker properly
• Turn right and left the pan smoothly to get right position
• Plug in the electricity
• Press down the button to get the light sign "on". The light will turn off automatically if the cook is done
• Clean the area and wash hands

Expected Result
• Rice cooker shows "on" operation
• The rice is not too soft or too hard
• There is no rice crust

How to Clean

Necessary Equipments
• Soap
• Soft sponge
• Damp cloth
• Dry cloth

Cleaning Procedures
• Put out the pan
• Soak the pan to easily remove the rest of the rice
• Wash the pan with soft sponge
• Dry the pan
• Clean rice cooker by using damp cloth
• Wipe the rice cooker with dry cloth

Expected Result
• The pan is clean and dry
• Rice cooker is clean

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